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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


On Thursday, September 12th Mimi picked me up early and we spent the day together.  We dined at Red Robin and I came home with this sweet purple balloon.

On Saturday, we headed to the zoo to enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather.

After nap, mom and I headed to the store to pick up some necessities for dad.  Mom almost had to leave me at the store to get all the groceries home.

Mom bought a small roast chicken which means....Dad and I get the wishbone!!!  Crazy, but we tied!

Sunday 9/15 M&D dropped me off at BT's for a slumber party then Graham at Mimi's for the same so they could have a night to themselves at the lake. We were perfect angels for both and got dropped at school the next morning.

Tuesday night was a rough one for mom and dad. Graham woke up at 2am and mom cuddled with him until 3 at which time he was still not ready to go back to sleep. That was when they decided it was time to let him cry it out. Rocking him back to sleep or letting him fall asleep was no longer an option.  Well cry it out he did.  Until 4am.  He cried for a WHOLE HOUR!  Poor guy. He did sleep until 7:30 though.  And he slept straight through until 6:30 the next night.

** UPDATE - Since then, Graham has slept through the night until at least 6 or 7am on 9/19, 9/21, 9/23, and 9/24.  Things are looking up for mom :-)

The other interesting thing that happened was Wednesday morning (after mom was deprived of two hours of sleep) as she was backing out of the driveway she heard the 90+ year old neighbor screaming from her front porch that she couldn't get up. M&D wrangled her dog in the house, called the cops, got her in the house, called her son, and took off at the time she started yelling for some to get her breakfast (toast and eggs).

As of Wed, Sept 18, M&D severed ties with Time Warner Cable and are now Google Fiber'ed up.  I can now watch countless hours of videos of myself on Youtube with no buffering.

On Friday 9/20 we headed to...drumroll please....Branson for our first multi-family vacation.  Six families headed down for two nights and a Saturday trip to Silver Dollar City.

First off, they popped out a DVD player hidden in the roof.  Holy Batman, where did that come from?

Next, I rode countless rides.  Here's a quick montage of our trip:

Boy...looks like Kristin and dad have a handful!

I think dad had the most fun of all!

In other news, Graham can now ride in the Bob without the car seat! And he's added Green Beans and Squash to his repertoire.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dancing Queen

On 9/2 Pierce and I headed to Deanna Rose. Can't get enough of that place!

That afternoon Paige and I drove to see BT's neighbor's chickens.  Okay, we didn't really drive, but I thought that was kind of funny.  They started laying eggs!


Saturday, September 7th was my very first dance class. I'm the one with the black topped leotard:

Mom admits she got a little teary eyed.

After dance, I dropped by Amelia's birthday party.  It was awesome and Minnie Mouse was everywhere.

After Graham's nap, I got to slumber party at BT's and then head to the carnival!  What an action packed day.  And I still managed to stay up until 11pm!!!!

Graham has moved on to real food!  Peas.  Not sure if he likes them or not...

Not sure what the big deal is, I've been eating real food for a much longer time.

Matthew from school has a new baby brother AND sister!  We went to see them and share some dinner.  For some reason I forgot to take pics of the twins.  Next time...

Graham makes me laugh...and vice versa.