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Monday, March 17, 2014

Spies Like Us

First off, congratulations to Dr. Jason Triche who completed his Ph.D from the Texas Tech University!  We are so proud of you and we can't wait to see you in person to call you Doctor, Doctor!

Lately I've loved playing hide and seek.  Mom and dad think it's funny though that I'll hide before they even begin counting to 10 and right in front of them.  This was one of my more ingenious hiding spots.

When the weather is bad, Graham can still take a stroller ride.  BobBob just takes him on laps around the house.

I love playing on my tablet.  I look like quite the adult here.

On 3/2 we stayed late enough at BTs to get a bath over there.

It may be hard to see, but here's Graham's couple of teeth that have come in.  They were a bear and he was a fussy baby for the couple of weeks that they sprouted.

I've been doing some building in my spare time.  The finished product was a tower as tall as me.

Mom got a new tote bag for her upcoming vacation and when it arrived in the mail, we decided it was better suited as a new toy/swing for Graham and I.

On Thursday, March 6th we had dinner with Dave and Katie.  Congratulations goes out to them as well for being newly engaged.  As you can see from the pic, it was for a good reason.  Har har, just kidding...the baby was Chase who was there with his mom Nicole.

Here's a few pics of Graham...getting better at standing, but not quite walking on his own yet, snuggling with BobBob, and playing in the foam pit at Miss Amber's gym.

Every day I become more of a big girl.  Here we are at Chuck E Cheese celebrating 5 nights of not wetting the bed.

Here's a scary preview of the kind of driver I'll be when I'm old enough:

On 3/15 we had a bunch of friends over for the St. Pat's day parade.  We couldn't have asked for better weather (70 degrees) considering it snowed the next day !?!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


On Friday, February 14th we had a Valentines Day party at school.  I came home with a whole bag of candy!

Graham has had a rough few weeks.  He got his first tooth at the beginning of February with no problem, but the second one was a doozy!  If you look real hard you can see the one poking through below.

Saturday, 2/15 we headed over to Lukas Nass' house for his 2nd birthday.  The cake was an awesome turtle cake!

That same day I had my first ever haircut!!!  I was great and sat still the whole time.

Ta got home on Sunday 2/16 so we made cinnamon rolls for her the night before.  I needed the dough, punched it down, then popped these beauties into the oven.

We were so glad to welcome her home.  We even dog piled on her to show her how much we missed her.  

Nicole and Pat had their baby boy Chase on Wed, Feb 20th.  Mom went to visit him and relayed the news that he was a cutie and a big boy weighing in at 8lbs 15oz.

CONGRATS to Pat and Nicole!!

For the first time Mr. Graham took a nap in a big boy bed...BobBob's king size, and slept like a champ!

Mom had to travel to Birmingham for work this week and brought me home some Magic Rocks.  Pretty awesome and just like what mom and dad remembered.

I don't quite remember what's going on here, but this is my favorite picture from the last few weeks.

And finally, here's Grahamy banging on some toys as usual: