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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Guest of Honor

Well look who the cat dragged in!  Mr...er should I say Dr. Jason Triche!  He was passing through on his way home to Louisiana and decided to pay his old stomping grounds a visit.  We sure did miss him as the last time he was here was when I was born almost 5 years ago!!!  He said bye to mom while she was in the hospital right after I was born.

Note that I beat him at this round of bingo.

Next guest of honor we saw was Miss Amber's new baby girl Charley.

Here's the whole crew and as you can see, Graham was his usual self.  Crying off to the side for no reason.

Graham has started fine tuning his piano skills.  Let me help you interpret his songs.  ABC, Twinkle Twinkle, and Old McDonald.

Mom taught me how to make a bubble beard.  She did the first one and the second "goatee" was mine.

On Sunday, May 31st we went on a ride on Thomas the Train!  Before departing we explored a petting zoo, popped a million bubbles, and bought some kettle corn for the ride.  Some friends (Emmerson, Ben, Luke, Ava) were there too!

On Friday, June 4th, we slumber partied at Mimi's so mom and dad could go to a party.  Saturday afternoon was spent at Mason's house for his mom's birthday party.

Sunday we went out to BobBob's and spent the whole day in Uncle Ron's pool.  Graham's favorite part was rescuing the balls out of the skimmer.

Poor Graham...he's going to be so embarrassed when he gets older and looks back on this.  However, mom is very proud that he is starting to go in the potty!