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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Road Trip

On Thursday (Aug 26), Mom, Dad, the dogs and I all headed down to the Lake of the Ozarks.  This was my first official road trip.  Mom and dad bought a cargo carrier similar to the one below to store my pack and play and their luggage. 

Between my car seat and the dogs, there wasn't much room in the car for anything else.  I did really well and went 4 1/2 hours between my meals but about 5 minutes from the house I figured out I was starving and let mom and dad know.  Grandpa Dido and Donna joined us for a night.  Mom and dad LOVED having the extra set of hands to pass us around.  Dido even gave me a bottle that night.  On Friday morning dad woke up early and let mom sleep in.  Apparently getting up every few hours to feed me can be exhausting?  While up, he took some crazy pics of the steam coming off the lake. 

On Friday night, mom and dad had their first dinner/night out with me.  They took me to Sunrise Cantina this little mexican restaurant where they had Margaritas (only a few).  Then dad marveled me about stories of how slow Jeremy Nass eats and how dad can beat him in a burrito eating contest.  I can't wait to meet this guy.  Maybe I can race him in a bottle feeding contest.  I can have milk and he can have a Miller Lite.  I love milk so I'm pretty sure I'd win.  In fact here's a video of how much I love eating.

Anyway, I slept really well down there and mom and dad stayed until Saturday.  They wouldn't let me swim this time, but I did hang out on the dock with them on Friday evening.  The breeze and rocking dock lulled me right to sleep.  Mom and dad are hoping to take me down there again in a couple weeks...I can't wait!

Porter and I chillin' at the lake.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Picture This

Today (Wed, Aug 25th) J. Todd Messenger dropped by to take pics of me.  Yes I already had one photo shoot, but I'm so darn cute I scheduled another one.  This guy is going to take my pic again at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months so I can compare my growth and he's going to put together a little story board of my first year.  The session was super quick 45 minutes but I think I got some good shots in.  I even posed with my "big sister" Porter.  I'll get these posted as soon as I get the proofs.

Practicing my teen wolf dance.

PS. Had my first trip out to Loose Park yesterday (Aug 24)  Dad ran the dogs and mom walked me in the stroller (shout out to "auntie" Nicole and "uncle" Pat for the awesome shower gift).  It's definitely been used a LOT (although not as much as Megan's Diaper Champ). 

A few of my favorite things

There aren't many things I really like right now, but if I had to name 3, I will.

1) Peeing my poo. Hands down, my absolute favorite thing is to wait til Mommy or Daddy is changing me, then as soon as they have my old diaper taken away, I poo with the consistency of pee in the new one. If only I could aim towards Mommy's hands....

2) The 'ole Stink Eye. I think in my past life I was a pirate, yearrh matey. There is something about black and white pictures in monocular vision that really gets me excited.

3) Boobs. As if that needs to be said. Soft as pillows, warm as a blanket, filled with food. Life's perfect appendage.

Ahoy thar mateys

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Graduated!

Last night I graduated!  Yep, I went from size Newborn diapers to size 1.  Mom thought this was a good idea after I went through my third outfit for the day and peed all over the back of my onesie (according to aunt Katrina that term is trademarked by Gerber - geniuses).  Let me just tell you, this thing is huge.  It goes so high my belly button is covered up again.  I guess as long as it prevents blow outs from my dirty D's mom and dad will be happy. 

PS - Mom asked me to post some other misc pics we thought everyone might enjoy.  This first one is dad's special favorite and he calls the look I'm giving the "Stink Eye".  Maybe I should change my name to "Stink Eye Madeline".  Thoughts?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Who's on First

So the first 3 weeks of my life have flown by and the days are already starting to run together if you can believe it or not.  I've had a lot of first experiences in these first weeks. 

On Thursday, August 12th I had my first sleepover at BobBob and Ta's house.  Mom figured she would give dad a night off from having me around :-)  While over there my belly button finally fell off!  It was a proud day for the parents.  This also meant I could now take baths...I'm not sure if I'm going to like those yet or not.

On Thursday, August 19th Aunt Jenn and Cousins Audrey and Ingrid flew into town from DC so mom and dad took me up to Mimi's house to have dinner and introduce me to them.  While we were there, I had another first, my first bottle!  Dad was super sweet and put me in his lap in a dark quiet room and popped the bottle right in my mouth.  It was pretty tasty and I ate like a champ...3 oz's in 10 minutes. 
On Friday, August 20th, I had my first lunch out with "aunties" Kristin and Katrina.  They're not really my aunts, but they are mom's awesome friends and I expect I'll see them so often while I grow up that they might as well be my aunts.  We went to the Classic Cookie and believe it or not, I was a perfect angel and slept through the majority of it. 

On Saturday, August 21st mom and dad hosted a shower for "aunt" Kristin and "uncle" Phil who are expecting a play mate for me in mid September.  I got to meet a lot more of mom and dad's friends for the first time including kick ass Schnetzer who held me for like 2 hours that night.  Of course mom had her own first "bottle" that night as well (so milk bottle #2 for me).  I overheard her telling dad she quite enjoyed it and plans to let me partake in a few more bottles in the upcoming couple of months. 

On Monday, August 23rd I had my first real bath.  Well of course I wasn't all the way submerged but my toesies were in the water and I was lying on this little mesh hammock.  Let me tell you I did not enjoy myself and let mom and dad know by balling my head off.  I was not a happy camper and the sponge baths were a lot better if you ask me.  Afterwards dad swaddled me nice and tight in this little hooded blanket and that was a lot more heavenly.  If they try and give me another bath I might just have to pee in the water to get the point across that I am not a fan.  I'll keep you posted on this one.

I'm sure I'll have many more "firsts" in the weeks to come, but these were some of the more memorable ones.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm So Photogenic

On Monday, August 9th at 10am, Sarah Maxey (a super fab photographer) dropped by to take my mug shot.  She was pretty awesome.  She had this warm heating blanket and these super cute crocheted shorts and this great camera to take pics of me.  I was pretty fussy to start with, but after I had some breakfast and got on that heating pad, I basically went to lala land and let her pose me as she wanted.  First I was almost buck naked (they let me keep my diaper on after that incident at the dr's office) then they put this huge fuzzy russian immigrant hat on me, then they put me in this ridiculous dress that was a bit too big for me.  Anyway, I think we got some pretty good pics out of the deal, but mainly cause I'm "so good looking" - sentiments to Seinfeld.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My First Week

My first week at home was for the most part uneventful.  I did a LOT of eating, sleeping, and pooping.  I guess that's par for the course for someone my age.  I got to spend some time with Mimi who dropped by to let mom get some rest (or do dishes or laundry or whatever she does while she's out of my line of sight).  As I already posted, I got my second car ride (first coming home from hospital) to visit the dr.  I graduated from sleeping in 2 swaddeling blankets to the Halo Sleep Sack which may be the coolest thing ever.  It keeps me all snug as a bug in a rug.  I think that's pretty much it for my first week.  Oh...and I got my first bath.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Doctor Woody

Thursday, August 5th was my first doctor's appointment.  We checked in and got settled into our room where the nurse told me to strip down to get weighed.  Dad proceeded to de-clothe me and as soon as he took off my diaper the cold air hit me and I just couldn't hold it any longer.  I crapped all over the little blue mat they had put down.  Dad laughed histarically and went to grab a new diaper while the nurse gave us a clean blue mat.  About two seconds later I had the irresistable urge to pee so I just let loose.  Again, more laughs from dad.  At this point I thought if I'm making him happy, why not do it again.  After getting my 3rd clean mat I pooped again.  I figured that was enough for one day.

The nurse took me to the scale and I gained weight to 7lbs 3ozs in the two days I'd left the hospital (6lbs 4ozs upon discharge).  Man am I a good eater!  Mommy was so proud of me and felt relief that I'd gained weight. 

Luckily there were no shots today and I went home a happy camper!  I'd be back to be a happy (er crappy) camper the following Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My First Night Home

When mom and dad got me home they introduced me to my older siblings Porter and Sam (they're dogs for those of you who haven't met them).  They sniffed me up and down and welcomed me to the family with licks.  Mimi had come over to help mom and dad get settled in.  She was a big help running to get mom's Percoset (priorities of course) and bringing over some grub.  Dad who tends to procrastinate a little decided that night would be a good time to put together the pack and play.  Of course mom thought it came out of the box already assembled.  Hello parents - don't you know that anything baby related never comes assembled?

After surviving the evening, mom and dad who of course were exhausted put me down to sleep about 10pm.  They crawled into bed themselves and it took them a good long time to fall asleep after having a conversation about how they couldn't believe the hospital just let them take me home.  I think something was said like "she could die" and "what do we do if she cries".  Mom had to wake me to feed every 3 hours and dad helped each time that first night.  When my 7am feeding rolled around dad high-fived mom and said "we made it" and mom said "we haven't checked on her yet".  But yes, I was still breathing and they survived their first night alone with me.  Or maybe I should better say I survived my first night alone with them.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Extended Stay

The rest of the hospital stay was quite hectic.  My first full day of living (Saturday, July 31) was spent meeting all my grandparents.  First Mimi (Jeanne/dad's mom) came, then BobBob and Ta (Bob and Toi/mom's parents), and finally Dido and Donna (Doug and Donna/dad's dad and his girlfriend).  It was wonderful getting so much attention and being passed around and held in all those warm arms.  I also had some shots (yucka) and a visit from the pediatrician, and some blood work (more yucka).  That evening I had a visit from my Aunt and Uncle (Ron and Brandi) and even my cousin Pierce.  Everything was hunky dory though cause mom was feeding me well and dad was changing all my diapers.

The next day (Sunday, Aug 1 - what should have been my birthday according to dad) the doc came in and said they were concerned about some infection mom got due to her long labor getting passed to me.  They said just to be safe, they wanted to put me in the NICU to get some antibiotics and to do additional blood work.  Dad was completely against it at first, but knowing it was better to be safe then sorry, he accepted the decision.  Basically if mom had passed the infection to me and they didn't start treating me, the doc threatened that I could basically die in 6 weeks.  Crazy scary.  They took me at 11am and so I could get my antibiotics, but I didn't have to sleep in the NICU so I was back with mom and dad that afternoon.  When I came back I had a tiny little IV in my hand.  I am told it was quite sad looking.  That evening I got to meet some of my family from Thailand! Na Pom (mom's sis) and her daughter Yui were in to visit with Ta. I had lots of fun being held by them and listening to them talk Thai gibberish.

On Monday (Aug 2) we did more of the same.  Eating, pooping, and a lot of sleeping.  The first bloodwork results came back negative which gave mom and dad a little sense of relief.  I had lost a little weight (down to 6lbs 0ozs), but that's normal.  I still don't think mom had changed a diaper at this point so Kudo's to dad.  Aunt Katrina and Uncle Mike (not blood related) dropped by for a visit and shared a cocktail with dad and some Jimmy John's sandwiches. 

On Tuesday (Aug 3) I was finally supposed to be released at 11am.  The nurse had given me a bath that morning so I would be all nice and clean but I must have gotten a little chilly because I couldn't hold my temperature and they ended up keeping me longer than expected.  The second set of bloodwork came back negative but because of my temperature the nurses said I could still have an infection.  They did one last quick blood test and the doc FINALLY released me to go home at 6pm that evening.  Weight check - 6lbs 4ozs (just down 2ozs from my birth day).

To say the least mom and dad were relieved and excited to get to take me home.

Oh yeah...did I tell you that I had to get an IV in MY HEAD!!!