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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bon Voyage

Graham has graduated to my old high chair!  Just for fun, I added a picture of myself (bottom pic) from when I was about the same age.  Do we look like alike?

On Saturday, October 12th we headed to the Pumpkin Patch with Mimi.

Since mom and dad feed Graham all the time, I thought it was my turn to be babied.

Sunday 10/13 was our first Gym weekend in a long time.  I'm getting a little more adventurous and trying out the balance beam and the parallel bars.

I went out to dinner a couple times last week.  First with Uncle Dave and Miss Katie and then with BobBob and Ta to have Lobster tails.  Fancy meal for a 3 year old...

Graham has graduated to trying Puffs, although I don't think he has yet to get one in his mouth.

Mason's birthday party was 10/19.  We got there late so I didn't get much face time in with him but it was great fun.

Amelia passed on feeding the goats, so dad got a turn.

Afterwards we all rode ponies!  You can guess what's going on my Christmas List (hint hint BobBob).

On Sunday we went out to BTs for some hugs all around and even went to watch the trains go by near their house.

Ta leaves for Thailand today.  She'll hardly recognize us when she gets back.  We'll miss her lots.

As you can see, Graham is really turning into a big boy.  Taking driving lessons, sitting up, and jamming to music.

Here's some of the foods he's eaten to date.  As you can tell, he doesn't like to miss a single meal.

Graham's Foods
  • Rice Cereal:  8/28/13
  • Oat Cereal: 9/2/13
  • Peas: 9/9/13
  • Green Beans: 9/18/13
  • Squash: 9/23/13
  • Prunes: 9/29/13
  • Carrots: 9/30/13
  • Sweet Potatoes: 10/7/13
  • Pears: 10/10/13
  • Garden Veggies: 10/12/11 (this is really just peas, carrots, and spinach)
  • Apples: 10/16/13
  • Sweet Potatoes and Corn: 10/18/13
  • Peaches: 10/20/13

Monday, October 7, 2013

In Memoriam 2

This blog is dedicated to my Great Grandpa Gene Graeff - Mimi's dad. 

Freeman Eugene “Gene” Graeff, 94 of Murphysboro, passed away at 6:22am on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 in Murphysboro.  Gene was born on September 1, 1919 in Murphysboro a son to the late Freeman and Emma (Smith) Graeff.  He was united in marriage to Betty R. Stout on January 17, 1943 in Jackson, MO.; Betty preceded him in death on December 19, 2012.

Gene was an active member of the First Baptist Church in Murphysboro; where he had been a member of the board of Trustees and Deacons, he also served with church youth activities and countless other ways.  He was a former Board Member of Murphysboro School District, and was an avid supporter of Murphysboro School athletics.

He was a U.S. Army veteran and proudly served during WWII and was wounded at the battle of the Bulge.  He was a retired owner Bill & Gene’s Tom Boy Supermarket in Murphysboro; he had been a meat cutter for most of his life, he was also retired from the Jackson County Highway Department.

Gene was a member of the American Legion Paul Stout Post 127 and the V.F.W. Post 7190 both in Murphysboro.

Great Gpa Gene, we'll miss and love you forever!

On Wednesday, September 25th I had my first real dentist appointment.  I've been a couple times before, but this is the first time I've let them actually clean my teeth.  Get this...when I looked up at the light, they have this awesome video monitor where I can watch cartoons.  SCORE!

** Spoiler alert:  Skip the picture below if you have a quesy stomach.  After I left the dentist I headed straight to school where I proceeded to lose my entire breakfast in the parking lot.  Luckily I didn't even get a drop on my outfit.

Dido's sister Jane came to town so Donna hosted a lovely dinner for us.

On Friday 9/27, Mom and dad had a play to go to so we had a new sitter now that there are 2 of us...it was MaKaila from school!  We had an awesome time playing.

Here's a few pics of Graham lounging.  As you can see, he'll sleep just about anywhere...including Miss Judy's lap at school.  Below is how mom found him when she picked him up.

Graham is continuing to grow and grow and grow.  He's easily rolling from back to front and back again and I think he'll be crawling before too long.  He's almost to the point where he can sit up on is own too!  Time to start putting my Barbie doll parts away.

On Saturday we headed to Auntie Cole's housewarming party.  The usual suspects where there.  There was quite a spread of food and I even helped do some office work on their computer.

Boys vs Girls...who do you think is going to win?

On to more important news.  B&T bought a TRAMPOLINE!  I've already gotten more than my fair share of use out of it.

Dad headed to Murphy to attend GGpa's funeral on Friday and he returned on Sunday.  As a result, I got a LOT of face time with B&T.  They came over on Friday for dinner (Graham wasn't so sure about pizza), then I went out there to spend the night on Saturday after dance class.

In case you didn't get enough of watching me dance, here's some more moves I've learned:

On Sunday, Oct 6th, we celebrated Ta's birthday!  As you can see by the # of candles she's staying very young.  I think the idea was more of one candle for each grandkid.  

Finally, no this isn't my halloween costume.  Just having some fun playing dress up.  Go MU Tigers!

Here's an excerpt from our school newsletter. 
In Jesus Time, we are learning that God made us as we discover our hands and our feet and begin to learn about our senses. 
Nora – now the “old timer” in our room since Harper and Quill moved to their new room.  She scoots around the room, trying to pull up.  She is eating by herself – what a big girl! ☺  We are hearing lots of interesting sounds that will soon turn into words.
Jacob – What can we say about our little koala bear Jacob?  He shows us 2 faces: the pouty bottom lip sticking out face and the smiling happy face.  Either way, he is cute!  Rolling around the room is his mode of transportation.  He sits up by himself and is very strong. 
Emily – She greets us each day with a smile.  Her facial expressions are very animated.  She sits up by herself and rolls around the room.  She has a healthy appetite for such a tiny body, eating lots of cereal, fruits and veggies.
Wilson – He is such a sweetheart.  At 5 months he is rolling around and enjoying tummy time.  He likes to roll to his friends and visit for a bit, then roll on.  He is learning to make sounds, and is a happy baby who always smiles.
Graham – He’s our youngest at 4 months old.  He has started rolling from his back to his tummy.  He’s beginning to eat veggies for lunch – peas (yuck!) – he loves them!  He’s a cuddly little guy and we love to hold him.  
God’s blessings,
Miss Judy, Miss Judy, Miss Lorie,
Grandma Anna and Miss Jean


Welcome to all of our new friends and families. We are all starting to get into a routine.   We’ve been busy getting to know each other.  The children are starting to fall into a routine.  We have been having fun singing, dancing, building with blocks, puzzles, matching games, sensory play, outside play, painting, coloring – the list goes on and on.  We love listening to stories.  Our favorite so far this year is Corduroy and the Three Little Pigs.  The children get to interact and help tell the story. 

We just sent out our first Scholastic book order.  When families purchase books, our classroom earns bonus points and we get free books, games, puzzles, etc., for our room.  Our first book order is due Thursday, 9/26. We are looking forward to our family fun night on October 24, which will include a Scholastic book fair and our school will get a 50% profit in free books for our classrooms. 

We’ve been learning about Creation and how God made each one of us.  We have a new religious curriculum this year with a lot of fun ideas. 

It happens every year – a parent will tell me that they can’t start eating dinner unless they say a prayer, because of the simple prayer we say every day:  “Thank you, Jesus, for our food. Amen. Amen.” 

Always check our message board as we have started having Show & Tell every Friday! 
God’s blessings,
Miss Wendi, Miss Nicki, Miss Laura, Miss Gwendoline