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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bon Voyage

Graham has graduated to my old high chair!  Just for fun, I added a picture of myself (bottom pic) from when I was about the same age.  Do we look like alike?

On Saturday, October 12th we headed to the Pumpkin Patch with Mimi.

Since mom and dad feed Graham all the time, I thought it was my turn to be babied.

Sunday 10/13 was our first Gym weekend in a long time.  I'm getting a little more adventurous and trying out the balance beam and the parallel bars.

I went out to dinner a couple times last week.  First with Uncle Dave and Miss Katie and then with BobBob and Ta to have Lobster tails.  Fancy meal for a 3 year old...

Graham has graduated to trying Puffs, although I don't think he has yet to get one in his mouth.

Mason's birthday party was 10/19.  We got there late so I didn't get much face time in with him but it was great fun.

Amelia passed on feeding the goats, so dad got a turn.

Afterwards we all rode ponies!  You can guess what's going on my Christmas List (hint hint BobBob).

On Sunday we went out to BTs for some hugs all around and even went to watch the trains go by near their house.

Ta leaves for Thailand today.  She'll hardly recognize us when she gets back.  We'll miss her lots.

As you can see, Graham is really turning into a big boy.  Taking driving lessons, sitting up, and jamming to music.

Here's some of the foods he's eaten to date.  As you can tell, he doesn't like to miss a single meal.

Graham's Foods
  • Rice Cereal:  8/28/13
  • Oat Cereal: 9/2/13
  • Peas: 9/9/13
  • Green Beans: 9/18/13
  • Squash: 9/23/13
  • Prunes: 9/29/13
  • Carrots: 9/30/13
  • Sweet Potatoes: 10/7/13
  • Pears: 10/10/13
  • Garden Veggies: 10/12/11 (this is really just peas, carrots, and spinach)
  • Apples: 10/16/13
  • Sweet Potatoes and Corn: 10/18/13
  • Peaches: 10/20/13


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