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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Time for Giving Thanks...To Diapers

So I'll recap Thanksgiving later, but I wanted to relay a quick anecdote (I included a link to wikipedia for those who don't like big words).  First, lets give thanks to diapers.  Diapers are great, especially when you wear them.  I'm sure you now know where this is leading.  Mom comes in to get me on Friday morning and I'm all smiley and happy cause I know something she doesn't know and it's funny.  She picks me up and says to me..."why are you so sweaty?  It's not that hot in here..." before she realizes that it's not sweat, it's urine.  Oh yeah, on Thursday night dad bathed me and then gave me my bottle and then tucked me in for the night.  Apparently he forgot an important step of my bathtime routine.  Putting my diaper on before my pajamas.  Way to go dad...lesson learned.

So Thanksgiving was a fabulous day.  We all got up early and started cleaning house and prepping the turkey and ham (mom and dad hosted Turkey Day this year).  We stayed in our jammies until almost noon.  We had a full house (see pics) and ate lots of great food - well of course I had milk again, but I'm not one to complain.  Everyone stuck around until almost 5pm, then BobBob, Dido, and Dard stuck around to watch my first plaza lighting.  It was quite a sight and dad promised to take me down there in a few years when I'm older and can appreciate all the hooplah. 

Well you already know what happened on Friday.  We also went out to visit BobBob for the day while dad drove down to the Ozarks to do some yard work. 

Saturday we hung around the house and watched MU demolish KU.  And yes, even I've heard it before, wah wah, wait until basketball season.  Well guess what.  It's football season so shut it.  After the game we took the dogs for a jog at Loose park. 

Sunday we went up to Weston, MO to visit Aunt Brandi's dad for Thanksgiving Deuce.  Man I can't believe all the food they make. 

As you can tell I'm awestuck by the lights

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All About Me

First things first.  I skipped crawling and walking and went straight to dancing (watch via the link below).  Gpa BobBob was in charge of the video camera.  Thanks grandpa!!!

So these posts are supposed to be all about me, but this time I'll share the limelight.  Monday was Mom's birthday.  She turned old.  Not Gpa BobBob old, but still up there.  In fact she says the only way she remembers how old she is now is to remember the year she was born, then do the math.  Something like this:
Current Year - Birth Year = Old

Here's how her birthday day went...
1) I slept straight until 7:30am again - good

2) She dropped her new phone she activated on Sunday and cracked the screen - bad

3) Gpa BobBob called and forgot to wish her happy birthday - bad

4) BobBob called back and said happy birthday - good

5) She didn't get to eat a McRib all day - bad

6) Dad cooked her a really nice dinner and bought her flowers - good

7) She had a Blizzard for dessert - good

4 Goods and 3 Bads, so overall she was happy.

Some things to note on Tuesday...her phone got fixed for free (thank goodness for insurance) and she picked it up, she got pulled over for speeding but the cop let her off since it was day after birthday, she ate a McRib for lunch, and Dido had her, dad, and Bob over for dinner and some bday cake.  Good, good, good, good.  That really makes it 8 to 3.  Yea mom!

Getting ready for Christmas!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day in the Life

So I have gotten into a pretty regular routine.  I wake up around 7:30, mom feeds me, I go to school, I pee, I play, I nap, I eat, etc. and around and around we go.  Mom usually picks me up around 4:30pm, I get a bath at 8pm, I eat dinner, then I'm down for the count around 8:30pm.  Let me tell you, it's a tough life.

Sometimes I get a little variation like Wednesdays when I get to see Gma Ta, or like last Friday when Gma Jeanne picked me up from school early.  Ocassionally I get to see friends of mom and dad's or friends of mine too.

So what were my special treats this week you ask?  Well on Wednesday we celebrated Gpa BobBob's bday.  He turned old.  I'd tell you his actual age, but I don't have enough fingers/toes/ears to count that high. 

My Burka keeps me warm during the cold weather days
Grandma Ta left for Thailand on Thursday.  I'm obviously very sad that I won't get to see her for a couple months!  She won't even recognize me when she gets back so mom has promised to send bunches of pics and videos while she's gone.  Thursday night, Gpa BobBob and Great Gma Dard came to join us for Thanksgiving dinner at the church.  We (I use that term lightly) had turkey, stuffing, and all the usual Turkey Day type of foods. 

Other events:
1) Lunch with Deb and Jeff (old coworkers of mom's) on Wed 11/17

2) Getting to see Gma Mimi for a surprise visit on Friday.  She bailed me out of school (she probably lied and told them I had an appt or something) and then I went back to school for the afternoon.

3) Hanging out with Kristin, Phil, and Amelia on Friday evening

4) Getting to see Mimi again on Saturday night while mom and dad went to a KCRep play downtown.  We played and spit up lots of good milk and she did my bedtime routine.

5) Sunday we went out to keep BobBob company since Gma is in Thailand.  We rooted on the Chiefs while the crazy dogs ran around outside.

Okie Joe's Goodness

I went to sleep rightside up, but ended up like this in the morning.
Here's some footage of me doing more "talking":

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to....Not Me

Things to note this past week. 

Last Sunday was Grandpa Dido's bday.  To celebrate, we had him over to watch the Chiefs game with us.  Dad cooked some tenderloin and steaks (which were a little tough, but shhhh don't tell him that) and then had a little cherry cobbler for bday dessert.  He even let me help him blow out the candle!

Thursday night, Mom and I met Megan, Katrina, Dondi, and Kristin (sans Amelia) for dinner to celebrate Megan and Katrina's Bdays earlier in the week.  Apparently November is a good month for birthdays considering all those and Mom and Grandpa BobBob were all born in Nov as well.

Kind of out of order, but Monday evening, Todd (a photography guy) came to take some more pics of me.  Since the weather was so nice we did it outside and I got shoved into my Halloween costume again even through it was Nov 8th. 

Tuesday night we went and slumber partied at BobBob and Ta's again since dad was out of town.  Wednesday grandma bought me this cool mesh thing where you put fruit into and suck on it.  Since I'm still on my milk-only diet I was allowed an apple so instead I had my first taste if Ice.  It was cool...pun intended. 

Me sleeping at school.  I get my very own crib!
Other fun news.  Grandma Mimi bailed me out of school early.  I didn't even have to fake sick...she just wanted to watch me for the fun of it.  Zing!!!

Today (11/13) the Tigers played the Wildcats.  So it was mom and dad fighting it out on separate sides of the couch.  Sadly the game was a snoozefest with MU blowing KSU out of the water.  This was apparent by the snoozing taking place by Schatz and Emmerson.  As they say, when baby takes a nap, you should too.  He was fully accepting of that advice.  We were joined by a few other friends, Tam, Lucas, and Ava who left early and Mr. Michael Dreilling himself.  We had some one on one time...Cougar (his girlfriend) would have been so proud to see him in action.

Over the last couple weeks I've gotten a lot more talkative.  You can watch me in the video below:

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary

Saturday, Oct 30 was a big day.  I officially turned 3 months old.  To kick off my birthday celebration Avery Davenport's parents decided to throw a surprise bash in my honor.  Or maybe it was a Halloween party.  Whatever...I like to think it was all for me.

We had a ghoulishly good time and as you saw in previous posts I went as a Zebra.  Mom and dad dressed as Scott Howard and Boof from Teen Wolf ...for those of you that don't remember the movie, I've included a snippet below.  Mom and dad even let me stay up until 11pm although I could barely keep my eyes open.  There were a lot of great costumes this year, but hat's off to my favorite, Mike D. in his Drag Queen Bee costume!

My first day at school
 This week dad had to fly out to Chicago again and this was my first week at "school".  Mom was a little apprehensive to figure out how to get ready for work, get me fed and dressed, and loaded up for day care all by herself.  But she figured it out somehow and only managed to be a little late for work :-)  In honor of the occasion I wore my "Brand New" shirt.  I even get a report card every day that tells mom and dad what I did such as playing peekaboo, when I take my naps, and how often I eat.

Monday night (11/1) Grandma, Gramps, and Barley came to visit us and we went to grab some pi-zah at Spin Pizza.  Yumma. 

Mom was off work on Wednesday so we went to slumber party with Gma and Gpa again and hung out all Wednesday.  Fun times.  Dad FINALLY came home on Thursday night in time for bath and bed time.  Then Friday, Nicole watched me for a couple hours so mom and dad could enjoy a dinner by themselves.  Seems like they'd have had a better time with me, but whatever.

Mom holding Amelia in her Pea Pod outfit

Mason Roue as Cookie Monster

Cholas crashed the party

Evan was dressed as a Firefighter earlier in the party

Random video snippet of me on my tum tum: