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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Time for Giving Thanks...To Diapers

So I'll recap Thanksgiving later, but I wanted to relay a quick anecdote (I included a link to wikipedia for those who don't like big words).  First, lets give thanks to diapers.  Diapers are great, especially when you wear them.  I'm sure you now know where this is leading.  Mom comes in to get me on Friday morning and I'm all smiley and happy cause I know something she doesn't know and it's funny.  She picks me up and says to me..."why are you so sweaty?  It's not that hot in here..." before she realizes that it's not sweat, it's urine.  Oh yeah, on Thursday night dad bathed me and then gave me my bottle and then tucked me in for the night.  Apparently he forgot an important step of my bathtime routine.  Putting my diaper on before my pajamas.  Way to go dad...lesson learned.

So Thanksgiving was a fabulous day.  We all got up early and started cleaning house and prepping the turkey and ham (mom and dad hosted Turkey Day this year).  We stayed in our jammies until almost noon.  We had a full house (see pics) and ate lots of great food - well of course I had milk again, but I'm not one to complain.  Everyone stuck around until almost 5pm, then BobBob, Dido, and Dard stuck around to watch my first plaza lighting.  It was quite a sight and dad promised to take me down there in a few years when I'm older and can appreciate all the hooplah. 

Well you already know what happened on Friday.  We also went out to visit BobBob for the day while dad drove down to the Ozarks to do some yard work. 

Saturday we hung around the house and watched MU demolish KU.  And yes, even I've heard it before, wah wah, wait until basketball season.  Well guess what.  It's football season so shut it.  After the game we took the dogs for a jog at Loose park. 

Sunday we went up to Weston, MO to visit Aunt Brandi's dad for Thanksgiving Deuce.  Man I can't believe all the food they make. 

As you can tell I'm awestuck by the lights


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