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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Am Better Than Your Kids

No special topic today.  However, I do want to share a link I find rather funny.  The title is not indicative of my feelings, but rather the title to a pretty awesome link.  Many of you have probably seen this before, but just in case you haven't, I'm passing it along. 


The site has some kids artwork that is graded with comments.  My fave is probably the one below.  Don't miss out on page 2.

I strive to one day draw pictures that aren't shitty.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Shots (and I'm not talking about Tequila)

Monday morning started like any other day.  Mom got me up, fed me, took me downstairs.  Then I noticed that things were a little different.  For one, dad wasn't there.  That's when mom broke the news that dad had started traveling for work and would be gone every other week from Monday through Thursday.  I put on a brave face, but I was crying on the inside.  I miss him already. 

The next thing that was different was that mom loaded me up into my car seat and took me for a ride.  Not the most unusual until we ended up at the doctors office.  It seemed like a pretty standard checkup.  Mom got me all neked so I could be put on the scale.  I'm up to a whopping 10 lbs 11oz.  I happen to be at the 50th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height (hmmm a trend I don't really want to see continue into adulthood).  Then I peed all over the blue pad I was laid on (par for the course). 

Dr Woody listened to my heart and said everything sounded fine.  That's when things went downhill.  And fast.  The nurse came in and said something about 2 month immunizations.  She pulled out three shots and gave me 2 in one thigh and 1 in the other.  Doc told mom they were shots to prevent hemophilus influenza type B, polio, hepatitis B, and diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus. Let me tell you, this hurt more than when I poke myself in the eye on accident and even more than when I have gas.  I cried so hard no sound came out.  After that mom held me and gave me some loving and I immediately felt better.

That afternoon I headed over to see Kristin and Amelia Kay to see how they were faring.  Apparently a lot better than me because they hadn't gotten any shots in the last few days.  Amelia is growing like a weed and helps me remember how small I was at that age.  Ah the good old days.

Katrina and Amelia (pictured on right - har har)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Okay so really it was only 1 wedding, dinner, and church.  But whatever.

Friday evening I attended my first wedding.  I got all dressed up in this little blue dress that was ridica uncomfortable.  I mean damn, I looked good, but I don't like those things all riding up on me and stuff.  The onesie is definitely the way to go.

 The bride and groom (Annie and Jake) used to live next door to dad (they are now Uncle Dave's neighbors) and their wedding was pretty spectacular.  Annie had the prettiest dress (yes, prettier than mine) and I'm sure dad was thinking about how one day he's going to have to shell out a boat load of money to marry me off.  Then mom and dad ditched me with Mimi so they could go live it up at the reception.  Apparently it was a good time because dad forgot a few events of the evening.  He did come home and tell me stories about how the reception was uber swanky and how they had a raw oyster bar and the bar itself was fully made of ice.  The pictures do not do it justice. 

Raw Oyster Bar Made of Ice

On Saturday, September 25th, we had another night out.  This time I jaunted over to Aixois to have dinner with Schnetzer and Nicole.  Mr. Schnetzer looked sharp in his sport coat and it was so easy to doze off in his warm, strong arms.  Dinner was a quick event so mom and dad could run me back home and bail on me again.  This time I got to spend some quality time with Donna and Dido.  They ordered some pizza and let me have a few bites, but shhhh, don't tell mom and dad.  While I stayed home, the parents went to go see "Saved" put on by the KC Rep.  Schnetz coordinated the whole thing which makes him pretty cool, I mean aside from living in O-Town (Olathe for you novices) which is where mom grew up.  A few other previous O-Towners to note include Mike D. (Avery's dad), The Furious B (Brad Kracht) and Miss Jackie K Weber.

Sunday morning started bright and early with breakfast with the grandparents.  After eating we headed over to Country Club Christian Community Church so I could get dedicated.  Not sure exactly what that meant, but it did involve me getting up in front of everyone (mortifying) and something about how the family and all the church would do their best to make sure I grow up smart and a straight shooter.  Rev Miles even paraded me down the aisle like I was a show and tell piece (pics of that will be posted at a later date). 

That afternoon we headed up to Liberty to visit Mimi and Max.  Mimi hosted a "Sip and See" so I could meet all her friends.  Mimi even ordered the cutest little cupcakes that were just my size.  I got some fun new things out of the party like books, Disney stuffed animals and some awfully cute clothes.

PS - want to give a shout out to Gma and Gpa Duncan for their 39th wedding anniversary!

Other misc pics:

My awesome Wubanub from the Bell's

A little one on one time with Cougar

Tummy Time Ain't So Bad

Monday, September 20, 2010

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

Friday, September 17th (half way to St Pat's Day and green beer) I headed out to my very first Royals game! Mom and dad took me out there a little late (top of the 4th inning) but I didn't mind since we were already losing. I saw my first Royals home run but didn't care much for the loud boom of the fireworks that followed. Mom partook in beer and a funnel cake but told me I had to wait at least a couple years. We ended up losing but I slept through most of it anyways. We left at the top of the 9th so I wouldn't be subjected to Friday night fireworks.  By the way, we lost 4-11 to Cleveland.

First time in the Bjorn - Thanks Aunt Jenn


Saturday evening we hit up the Morningside Neighborhood Association (mom is the Director of Special Events)  for a couple hours before we got poured on. By we I mean not me, since dad was smart enough to bring an umbrella just big enough to cover my stroller.

On Sunday, September 19th, dad took me to church for some good old one on one time to let mom get a run in. Her and dad are training for the Kansas City 1/2 Marathon on October 16th. They both got in 8 mile runs. Crazy kids, why not just hang out with me in the A/C and look at black and white books all day? After the run, they got ready for their "Sunday Get Together" party with dad's friends who have kids my age for me to play with (play being a loose term).

Me and the Crew (I'm the one on the Boppy)

So as you can see, I had quite a fun weekend and to top it all off, I went for my first stroll around the block in "The Bob", the cadillac of all jogging strollers. It was such a smooth ride that I was asleep before I even left the front yard.

On a side note, both grandma's think my hair is growing back, but I'd say that's questionable.  Pic below.  Decide for yourself.

The Rogaine doesn't seem to be working

Binkies and 'Ritas

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Maddie Jean Meets Amelia Kay

Today (Sept 14) I jaunted over to meet my friend Amelia Kay for the first time.  I know we're friends because we've been reading each other's blog and have a lot in common.  In case you know Miss Amelia, here's a link to her blog:

Back to the point.  I got to meet Amelia and she was delightful!  We definitely hit it off and plan to do lunch and have some play dates in the very near future.  Amelia is a cutie and I've already forgotton what it was like to be that small.  The last 6 1/2 weeks have just flown by and I guess I'm growing like a weed, or so dad tells me.

Me with Phil

Me with Mom, Kristin, and Miss Amelia

I've been pulling some footage out of the archives and a couple posts ago I added a video of me getting my hair washed on the day I was born.  Here's another one of me getting bathed (also on my birthday).  Have fun laughing at my meager cry. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

House Divided

Literally and figuratively. 

This past Saturday both KSU and MU played, although not each other...that game will be Saturday, November 13th and it should be an exciting day at the Ludlow household.  I expect to be dressed up as a purple backing Wildcat but I haven't told dad that yet, so lets keep that one in the bag.  

Dad had some of the guys over to watch in the newly finished basement.  He mentioned playing poker afterwards so mom thought it would be best to head out to BobBob and Ta's house (the literal part) to spend the night and get some rest (sometimes the guys get rowdy).  Dad spent the evening rooting for MU with their one cheer (MIZ-ZOU for those of you who don't know it) and mom spent the night cheering on the Wildcats (the figurative part of the house divided comment in case you didn't get it).  As you can see from the stats below, both KSU and MU managed to win.  After this year (on July 1, 2011 to be exact), Nebraska will no longer be a part of the Big 12.  Good riddence (just kidding Kristin and Phil).  The Big 12 will be down to 11 teams, but they'll still call it the Big 12?  So how does that make any sense. 

I digress.  I slumber partied with mom and cousin Pierce out at the grandparents house.  We had a good time except I didn't sleep the greatest.  You know how it is when you're not in your own bed and you can't get comfy and you wake up every 2 or 3 hours.  The next day I was still frazzled by my lackluster night of sleep and stayed up the whole day.  I even stayed awake during church on Sunday morn if you can believe it.  All that waking time must have worn me out because mom put me down at 10:30pm and I didn't wake until 5:30am on Monday morning when mom woke me (she was paranoid I had a case of the SIDs).  I was too tired to even soil my diaper and slept the ENTIRE SEVEN HOURS!

Not much else worthy of mentioning other than I'm getting plenty of play time on my activity mat and have started being all grabby grabby with my toys.  I'm not the most coordinated, but am definitely working on it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cause I'm a Big Kid Now

This week's blog title pays homage to that awesome Huggies Pull Ups song that we all know and love. 

So yes, I would consider myself a big kid. Not because I wear Pull Ups (cause I don't) but mostly cause I can now hold up my own neck. That's right, take that Schwartzenegger, I'm way stronger than you!

Other things I can do that make me a big kid:
  • Go shopping at Costco
  • Sleep on Mom and Dad's bed
  • Use the word "homage"
  • Sleep for 6 hours straight at night
  • Guzzle 4 oz of milk (I'm working up to a gallon - I know it can be done without spitting up)
  • My male pattern baldness

Dad stole my binky!

Adding some other misc pics below for your enjoyment.

This is how BobBob and Ta used to drive mom around when she was a kid. Who needs stinkin' car seats and seat belts.

Taking a snooze with BobBob

Quality time with Uncle Ron
Why does dad look so tired?

By the way, I don't think I ever shared with you the experience of my first bath (the day I was born).  You can tell from my expression (insert sarcasm here) that it was a joy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Question of the Day

Q: What percent of women's water breaks before labor begins?
A:  Less than 15 percent.

So I have a really fun story.  Mom, dad, and I were entertaining auntie Kristin and uncle Phil on Sunday evening (Sept 5).  The cause for celebration...me of course.  Just kidding.  It was Labor Day weekend and the weather was absolutely fab, so why not grill out, right?  Steaks were marinating, corn was brining, beans were baking.  All was right for a perfect dinner.  Apparently all was right for Kristin to be in the less than 15% of women whose water breaks because that's exactly what happened. 

The grill was heating up for the burgers and steaks and mom was feeding me a bottle out on the deck when dad comes out and announces that Kristin's water broke.  Well that was the end of the relaxing evening we fivesome were planning.  Phil was so cute and all nervous and stuffs.  They called the doc and told them to get to the hospital within an hour so mom and dad packed them up and sent them on their way with some baked beans and pasta salad and made them promise to get Kristin some food before they got to the hospital. 

Mom and dad partook in the yummy food stuffs wagering bets on the weight of baby Steffen and when she would finally arrive.  On Monday morning at 4:15pm, Amelia Kay Steffen (pictured below) was welcomed into to the world.  I am so excited to meet my new future BFF (I can have two BFFs right - shout out again to Avery Davenport).  She weighed 6lbs 14oz and is a total cutie!  Congrats and best wishes to Kristin and Phil!

PS - This post was a shout out to Kristin's Q of D that will temporarily (12 weeks or so) be postponed.  Tears. :-(

Amelia's debut made me nostalgic and I decided to pull up some old footage (5 weeks and 4 days old to be exact) of the day I was born.  Enjoy!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

Thursday, September 2nd, I met aunties Katrina and Kristin for lunch at Cheesecake factory.  Miss Kristin is getting ready to pop any day so I can have another BFF like Avery Davenport.  I can't wait to meet baby Steffen so we can borrow each other's clothes and binkies.  I slept pretty much the whole time, but it was still fun to get out of the house. 
Yesterday was my 5 week birthday and to celebrate I had lunch with my real Aunt Brandi and cousin Pierce.  It's been a little while since I've seen them and we had Pizza!  Well mom had pizza but I got a dose of milk before and after.  I can't wait until I'm old enough to enjoy some Piz-ah as well.  For dinner, we met up with Avery (hopefully she'll be my BFF when I learn how to play with friends) and her parents Mike and Katrina.  We dined at Houston's where mom got a chintsy sized (but good) salad for $13.  Afterwards we went to Cold Stone for some yummy ice cream.  I tried to score a bite since it's made from milk but apparently it wasn't the kind of milk I'm allowed to have. 

The infamous Naked in the Bath pciture

Added some random pics I thought you might enjoy. I tried to pay mom not to add the picture of me getting a bath, but apparently I didn't have enough money in my piggy bank to incent her to take my suggestion.

This is fun.  Dad watches TV while I watch the couch?
Tummy Time! And yes I can read books upside down.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Sunday, Aug 29 was my first church outing.  Mom and dad took me to Country Club Christian Church (where my friend Avery's parents were married) and they went to the 10am chapel service.  I will say, listening to Dr. Miles soothing voice put me out for the hour.  I guess mom and dad would call that "well behaved".  We hung around for a bit afterwards for some meeting and greeting and ran into Doug Bates' dad.  Maybe next time we'll meet up with Avery's grandparents (Chuck and Cheryl) who attend as well.  Mom and dad mentioned something about an infant dedication on October 10th.  Maybe that's when I'll get to drink the wine too?

Almost forgot.  They have cookies and Roasterie coffee every Sunday.  Well guess what kind of cookies they had for the first time since mom and dad have been attending...Madelines.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Someone must have known I was going to make my debut appearance. 

WWJD?  Eat a Madeline of course.