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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Daze

I've been really busy at school as of late.  Seems like we're always having recess, a snack, or doing some new art project.  Here's some pics of a day (really 2 days if you notice the outfit change) in the life.

Love the playground.  The slide has become my favorite!

They try and teach us concepts like in/out, big/little, up/down, through art and "hands on" experiences.  Get it..."hands on".
When it's too cold or wet outside we do playtime in the basement with the big toys like tricycles and cars.

We even do chapel time and learn and sing about the "big man".  I feel like I already told you this in a previous entry?  If you notice, I love sitting by Matthew who happens to live only a block away.

Another favorite part of the day is snack time.  We get all sorts of good things to eat like fresh fruit, motz sticks, graham crackers, and breakfast bars.  We also sometimes get whatever special treat a student's mom brings in.  My mom tries to be good about sending in something fun at least once a week (zucchini bread, canteloupe, blueberries, etc). 
And then when we're not learning, we just do good old fashioned playtime.

Here's some of the fun words I've learned at home:

As many of you know, the weather as of late has been beautiful!  We try and do a lot of outdoorsy stuff like walk to the park, feed the duckies, and visit the playground.  Even the doggies have a go!

Mom had a busy week, work happy hour on Wednesday, Faux Book Club on Thursday, Date Night with dad on Friday.  On Saturday, we all headed to the pumpkin patch and then I did an overnighter with Mimi so mom and dad could head to a reception and night out with Avery's mom and dad! 

Let me tell you...some of the pumpkins were bigger than me. 

I saw goats and pigs and donkeys.  There were tractor rides and a cool tube to run through.  There was even a pumpkin princess.  Sounds made up if you ask me.

This was so fun I had to do it 3 times!

On Sunday, September 25th I had company over.  I hosted a party since the weather was so nice and we hung out on the deck and played with balloons.  Ava, Luke, and Emmerson all made it over to play.
Tuesday, Dido dropped by for some quality time at the park and stuck around for dinner.
Happy anniversary BobBob and Ta!  40 Years...that's crazy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lady and the Tramp

For the most part, it was a typical week.  The first highlight was I got a new pair of shoes.  Now these didn't happen to be just any old pair of shoes.  As a matter of fact they were mom's old pair of shoes!  Grandma saved them after all this time.  If you click the pic on the right you can see they are actual Keds brand.  Vintage is so cool!

Michelle dropped by for a visit on Tuesday night.  She's always up for playing with me and Porter.  Scratch that...Porter and I.

On Wednesday mom and I dropped by the grocer.  She swore to God she would never put me in one of those dumb carts with a car attached to the front.  
I win.

Nothing special about this.  Just channeling a little David Bowie.

Fortune cookie says:  That wasn't chicken.

Hmm..why is there one less guinea pig than last week?

The most excitement came on Saturday.  It was our neighborhood's annual block party and it was a rocking good time.  Balloons and booze make me and dad happy.  I got passed around quite a bit.
There was a mobile zoo with chickens. 

A big, shiny, red fire truck.

 A bounce house. 

 And mini camp chairs!

On Sunday, mom had a play date with some friends from high school.  Ms. Amber and Ms. Michele.  They brought along their kids and we played at Ms. Amber's Gym.  It was super fabulous!  At the end of the morning we all went to lunch for some piz-za.

Here's me jumping around with Grandpa.  BobBob and Ta dropped by to say hello and see me in action.  Can't watit to do this again soon!  Hint Hint ;-)