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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

☑Pumpkins ☑Sweaters ☑Post Season Baseball

Fall has definitely arrived!

At school, Graham's teacher borrowed our water table so they could play with leaves, cornstarch, rice, etc.

He is slowly learning shapes and talking a lot more.

We borrowed Pierce's bounce house and kept it a couple weeks longer than we should have, but it's gotten a lot of use out of it each evening after school.

G has started playing dress up to with my shoes and mom's shoes.

After we clinched going to the World Series, our friends Jayson and Jen came over for a dinner celebration.

On Saturday, 10/18 the whole family headed to the aquarium.  Graham absolutely LOVED the fish.

The Royals had their first World Series game last night 10/21 and mom and dad scored tix to go watch the game.  It was pretty amazing.

Dad was also impressed that our seats were slightly better than those of Gov. Brownback.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fire Truck Fun

I must admit that I've been a super snuggly and responsible big sister lately.  I love having a brother to boss around!!!

On 9/20 we headed to Lukey Bates' birthday party.

Graham has really gotten into watching the Royals game (who can believe they are going to the ALCS!!!), driving home from the park, and Saturday's at gymboree.

Dad headed out of town on Saturday, 9/27 so BT came over to take me to the neighborhood party.

Just for a little perspective, here I am at 1 year and 2 months, and below that is Graham now at 1 year 6 months.

On Sunday we headed to the Mahaffie farmstead for some wild west days.  They had horses, goats, and alpacas to touch.  And I drove my own stage coach!

Afterwards we lot go a million butterflies that Uncle Ronnie caught.  Exaggerating only slightly:

Lastly, Grahammy loves to give everyone kisses and hugs lately.  Especially the pets!

Here he is having fun at Gymboree: