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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Progress Report

These updates have gone from monthly to quarterly to semi-annual.  You see the trend 😉 Here are the highlights from the past 6 months.

I started piano lessons.  There I am in the front row, left of blue dress.

I played Jazzy Tune and Don't Stop Believing

Graham and I had our last day of school meaning one dropoff/pickup for mom and dad for the next 5 years!  Graham was super excited to start going to the same school and summer camp as Maddie.

We celebrated Father's Day with all the cool dads.

Graham started playing T-Ball during the summer.

On July 21st, we headed to Colorado for a week long family vacation and had a great time.  We headed up to Estes first. The views were incredible!


After Estes we stayed in Denver for a few days and had one of the coolest tours at the zoo. We got to feed a porcupine and anteater and touch snakes and birds among other things.

Sadly we sold the Duncan lake house we'd had in the family for 50 years since Adward Davis and Dardanella Duncan bought the house and passed it to BobBob.  We'll in the market for something a little closer to home in the next couple of years.

I celebrated my 8th birthday with a small group of friends.

Graham and I started at the same Elementary school on Friday, August 10th.

Mom and dad took a couple of trips without us!  First to Vegas to lose some money.

And then to Missoula, Montana to see Dr. Triche get married.  Congratulations to Jason and Grant!

Halloween was prosperous.  If you couldn't tell, I was Waldo and Graham was Ash the pokemon trainer.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a wonderful meal.

We survived an actual blizzard on November 26th.

And BobBob came to talk to Graham's class for Kinde rgarten Job Day.  And the kids loved him!
 Here's a few more pics of BobBob at work from the "shop".


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I love your blog and youtube Chanel and Maddie And Graham IS very cute There wil be another post please?

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