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Friday, January 28, 2011


BobBob returned Monday evening and we went out to visit him on Tuesday afternoon.  I wasn't sure if I would remember him (it has been 3 long weeks after all) but as soon as I laid eyes on him, all the memories of being held on his lap came flooding back.  I gave him a big smile so he'd know for sure.  Hanging out with gramps was just like old times.
This was an extremely challenging game. 

On Thursday, we met up with BobBob again and Dido and Donna as well.  We all dined together at Spin Pizza (yumma) and I did some extensive people watching.  I also eyeballed mom's wine glass.  I was thinking that looks pretty good and I want to try some, but she said not until I was a couple years older.

Me trying to get a better look at Dido.

Thursday was also Mimi's bday but we don't have plans to see her until Sunday.  I hope she was able to blow out the candles without my help.
On a side note, I've really taken to giving mom kisses in the evenings:

Friday morning I woke around my normal time (6:30am) and I usually just babble and put myself back to sleep until 7:30 or so.  Mom was downstairs making coffee and her lunch and I started fussing again when she heard my mobile music play on the monitor and I immediately quieted down and went back to sleep.  I heard her thank dad for turning it on, but he didn't turn it on...I did it all by myself!  I scooted down to the end of the bed and kicked it on.  Mom wishes I'd learn to do it on weekend mornings so they can sleep in.  That's silly cause I'd think they'd want to spend as much time with me as possible.  Anyway, here's mom waking me in the morning:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Day!

****NEWS FLASH**** 
I can now roll over! 

As of Friday, January 21st, I can officially roll over.  On my own, with no help from the 'rents.  Here's the proof:

Wednesday night mom went to Book Club but left me at home this time.  I'm getting old (wiggly and squirmy) enough that she says she doesn't really want to drag me around everywhere.  Boo.  While I was home with dad, what I'm calling the Blizzard of '11, was coming down like crazy.  We had a fun night of just daddy daughter time and thank goodness for the snow day on Thursday (school was closed) because I slept for 13 hours straight until 8:30am.  You can see from the pics how much snow we got.  Dad was shoveling by himself since mom threw out her back.  Man does that make her sound old.

Needless to say, Thursday was a fun day hanging with both mom and dad.  I spent a lot of time playing with some new toy blocks and my sweet exersaucer.  

I even got to go to the coffee shop to hang with my friend Jacksen and his dad Tyson. 

And I did a little dancing while I was there:

Saturday, Mimi stopped by for a surprise visit (well it was a surprise to me at least).  Since it was the weekend we did a lot of napping and laying around relaxing.  What a great day!!!

On a side note, BobBob gets home Monday night and we're headed out to see him (and return Barley) on Tuesday afternoon.  I can't wait for him to hold me....so excited I almost peed a little.  Oh wait...I really did pee a little.  Mommmmmm.....!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MLKDAY...WBDATK...Same Thing Right?

Friday, January 15th, I hosted my first dinner party for Avery D. and Amelia S.  Mom cooked a roast, smashed potatoes, rolls and even a cheesecake.  We had a pretty swell time and I got carrots and cereal instead of roast.  Let me just say, carrots = awesome and I've taken to really woofing these down.

Saturday mom started getting the real flu (aches and fever) and went downhill pretty fast.  So, I got a vacation day over at Dido and Donna's.  Donna recently broke her wrist so we're keeping good thoughts in our heads that she gets better fast. 

Since mom was out of commission again on Sunday, I was on my best behavior.  I slept in a little, played on my own on my mat and took two morning naps!  After lunch Dad took me up to Mimi's pad to let mom sleep the rest of the day. 

Monday was MLK day...is that like WBDATK day?  Seems like some of the letters are similar.  School was in session for me even though I know mom had the day off.  I did get to sleep in until 8am and go in late at least.  Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty standard as well.

Not an exciting post this week, but what can you say.  Sometimes my life isn't all ups.

By the way, I'm back on my regular pooping schedule.  I'm sure everyone wanted to know :-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

International Date Line

Monday morning brought my first glimpse of snow.  Man is that stuff bright, cold, wet, odd, etc.  Mom and dad wouldn't let me play in it like the doggies get to, but they did let me hold my first snowball.  Dad was supposed to start a new in town project (yea no travel!) but it got delayed for a few days so he's starting on Wednesday instead.  Regardless, I think he's home for at least awhile anyways.  Monday night we shared a nice home cooked meal (thanks mom) and I got to sit at the table.  Mom and dad dined on some good looking pork chops and mashed potatoes, but they subbed out some sweet potatoes and cereal for me.  During the meal the parents (henceforth known as the 'rents) would occasionally laugh at me and mumble something about how I stare like a hawk when people eat.  They finally decided I'm big enough that they needed to put together my high chair.  Dido got this for me as a gift, but it's been sitting in the box it came in since before I was even born.  I'm pretty pumped to have yet another thing to drool all over and chew on.  

At some point earlier in the week, I must have crossed the international date line on the way home from school because I've taken to poo'ing in the middle of the night.  Let me tell you, waking up to find your diaper full of crap is not pleasant.  Tues night it happened at 4:45am, Wed night it was at 11:45pm and Thurs night at 12:45am (the waking part as I can't tell you exactly when the off-schedule up poo occurred).  I can tell from the look on mom's face when she comes in to change me that she doesn't find it as amusing as I do.

Dad always talks about how it's a developmental milestone for me to put my feet in my mouth so I wanted to make sure and get it documented in the pic below.

Early attempts at feeding myself have been unsuccessful.  You can't blame a girl for trying though.

Dad thinks it's funny to do voiceovers on my video.  Mom says creepy is the more accurate descriptor:

Getting ready for bathtime:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dance Dance Revolution

So mom almost made it out of the house on time on Thursday...until I puked all over her (sorry, no pictures).  It got on her shirt and in her hair, but she did a quick change and was only 5 minutes behind schedule.  In other news, dad got home Thursday night, I got to try Sweet Potatoes for the first time, and Friday morning we had a dance party!

Friday night (1/7) we went to dinner with the Wosje's.  We tried a new restaurant called Papu's which is located in a gas station (of all places) and serves Mediterranean cuisine.  It was a quick, cheap dinner and mom and dad said they'd go back again.  Aunt Nicole even got me some super fly new shoes (just in time for the snowy weather)!

Dressed to Kill

Saturday was a low key visit with Mimi so mom could run some errands with the dogs.  Sunday was my busy day.  Mom and dad had some friends over to watch the Chiefs game.  I got to hang with my bud Jackson Markham who also goes to school with me.  I was even nice enough to share my pack 'n play with him when he wanted a nap. 

Sunday night mom and dad dragged me out into the cold to go to a white elephant gift exchange party with their church friends.  Granted, I slept through half of it, but it was still fun.  There were some fabulous gifts passed around and mom and dad ended up with a nifty (code word for hideous) desk lamp and a couple of ornaments for our tree and our friend Jen Parker got some nifty glittery gloves.  After the party I got to have some bananers for dinner.  I'm not sure if it was that or the jalapeno jelly/cream cheese or the couple of beers that mom had, but something didn't sit well.  I was up with a tummy ache until 9:45pm.

Note to self - remind mom and dad that I don't care for Gerber bananas.

Look Ma, No Hands

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skype Skype Bo Bype

Over the weekend I managed to catch a worse cold than my usual dribbling nose which seems to run constantly. I was kind of cranky on Saturday and woke up with a fever during the night. I yelled for mom and dad and they consoled me and gave me some of the good stuff (Tylenol). By morning I was back to my usual charming self although I now have a slight cough that I can't seem to shake. What's a girl to do?

I was feeling pretty cooped up after being indoors all day Saturday so we made a trip to the grocer in the Bjorn. I love having a bird's eye view of all the things they stock.  Ghetto Chopper is the best!

Dad left for Chi-Town again on Monday morning. He promised me this is his last week of travel for awhile. I know he always has concerns that I'll forget who he is while he's gone, but come on...it's hard to forget those baby blue eyes.  To make sure he knew I remembered him, I decided to Skype for my first time ever.  I got to see both him as well as BobBob and Ta over in Thailand.

Tuesday Mimi dropped by to watch me for a bit so mom could give some love time to the doggies. Sometimes I wonder if they get jealous of me and resent me...that is until Porter and Sammie come up and give me kisses. Then I know they love me just as much as they love mom and dad.  Since I've not included too many pictures of them, I figured I'd add one of them loaded up and excited about coming to pick me up at day care.  You can see my Uncle Barley (on loan from BobBob) in the background as well.  He's staying with us until Gpa gets back from vacation.  Let me tell you, sharing the house with 3 dogs and 2 cats has been...interesting.

Here I am at daycare before Mimi's visit.  They have some great toys that I don't have at home.
 I've also learned to love my Jenny Jump Up.  I think I previously miscalled it my Jenny Jumper, but really, who cares right? 

I even included some video so you get a sense of just how coordinated I am already.  You'll see from the footage that I appear to be training for the downhill skiing event.

Wednesday evening, Dido popped by to give mom another shot at quality time with the dogs.  Really...grandparents are the best ever, just ask mom and dad. 

Enjoying some time on my mat:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stomach Flu - 1, Mom and Dad - 0

So I've been on Peas for awhile now and things are going pretty well.  Mom and dad however didn't think the peas sat so well with their tummies.  Okay so I'm not really blaming the peas, but on Sunday night mom and dad went into the ring with the stomach flu bug and the flu beat them up pretty good.  They were mostly recovered by Monday, so mom managed to drag me into day care and then head home to sleep all day.  Thank goodness for school or I'm pretty sure I'd have been bored to tears playing by myself all day.  Monday night I got to spend a couple hours with Miss Michele who was sweet enough to come over and give mom and dad the last of the R&R they needed.  Mom was too lazy to remember to take pics, but here's a good old one of me and Michele (photo at right).

Tuesday was back to normal with mom and dad working full days.  We were all supposed to head up to Liberty to visit the Long cousins who are in town from DC, but Mimi and Max came down with the same bug and were laid up for the day.  I'd like to put in a shout out for them to get well soon!  I can't wait to see you Thursday.

Great Grandma Dard's hair is like cotton candy!
 Wednesday (12/28) was pretty good since I had a 1/2 day of school.  Mom picked me up early and took me out to spend the afternoon with BobBob since he'll be leaving for Thailand on Thursday.  He'll be gone a whole month to go see Grandma Ta (mom shows me pics so I remember what she looks like since she's been gone for awhile) and her family.  Mom promised to take me over there next year so I too can enjoy the 85 degree weather, swimming pool bigger than our house, all the yummy food (although what can be yummier than peas?) and lots of kisses and hugs from my relatives.
Wednesday night I went over to Gpa Dido's house to see my cousins and Aunt Jen and to finally meet my Uncle Chris for the first time.  Good times were had by all and I was showered with gifts of more clothes, which mom and dad greatly appreciated.  Audrey and Ingid played with me a little, but they quickly tired of my lack of ability to walk and the vast amount of drool dripping down my chin and turned their attentions to their new Christmas toys.  At 7pm I was ready to head home.  I quickly said my goodbyes to Grandpa BobBob who made an appearance before his morning flight.  I got home in time to have a bath and warm milk and hit the hay.  Mom and Dad omitted cereal for the night which was a dumb move.  I awoke promptly at 4:30am wanting something to fill my growing belly.  Dad gave me a 2 oz bottle, turned on my mobile, and I lulled myself back to sleep until 7am. 

Note to self- remind mom and dad to feed me cereal and peas before I go to bed.


On Thursday I had another Christmas with Mimi again!!!  At this rate I'll be spoiled by the age of 3.  We opened presents and I got to play with the Cousins again.  Jen and Chris even got me this awesome musical table.  I'll have pics as soon as mom and dad get motivated to put batteries in it.  I got some more snazzy clothes and a Spoka (an awesome night light from Ikea).  Well really it's for mom, but I've already claimed it for myself by drooling all over it.

Friday was New Year's Eve and I went back up to Mimi's for the celebration.  It kind of seemed like a non event, but maybe that's because I slept through it.  I got to fly solo with dad because Mom went to a different party at Brett and Shelly's house.  I was sad to miss the usual crew (the Roue's, Davenport's, Steffen's, and Nass') but was excited to hear the news from mom that soon I'll have another play friend since Shelly is expecting #2.  Anyway, dad brought me home in time for mom to give me a NYE kiss. 

I started 1/1/11 with a taste of green beens and some agua.  I'm loving this new food stuff and am fully embracing my veggies.  I'll be keeping you updated with new foods I'm trying.  Today I got to have a little sip of water as well.

Goodbye 2010, hello new year!  For all those I didn't see, best wishes for a fun and prosperous 2011.

Trying out my Jennie Jumper

Great Gma and Gpa Graeff (Mimi's parents)
I hope they had a great Christmas in Murphysboro!

More love from Mimi!