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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dance Dance Revolution

So mom almost made it out of the house on time on Thursday...until I puked all over her (sorry, no pictures).  It got on her shirt and in her hair, but she did a quick change and was only 5 minutes behind schedule.  In other news, dad got home Thursday night, I got to try Sweet Potatoes for the first time, and Friday morning we had a dance party!

Friday night (1/7) we went to dinner with the Wosje's.  We tried a new restaurant called Papu's which is located in a gas station (of all places) and serves Mediterranean cuisine.  It was a quick, cheap dinner and mom and dad said they'd go back again.  Aunt Nicole even got me some super fly new shoes (just in time for the snowy weather)!

Dressed to Kill

Saturday was a low key visit with Mimi so mom could run some errands with the dogs.  Sunday was my busy day.  Mom and dad had some friends over to watch the Chiefs game.  I got to hang with my bud Jackson Markham who also goes to school with me.  I was even nice enough to share my pack 'n play with him when he wanted a nap. 

Sunday night mom and dad dragged me out into the cold to go to a white elephant gift exchange party with their church friends.  Granted, I slept through half of it, but it was still fun.  There were some fabulous gifts passed around and mom and dad ended up with a nifty (code word for hideous) desk lamp and a couple of ornaments for our tree and our friend Jen Parker got some nifty glittery gloves.  After the party I got to have some bananers for dinner.  I'm not sure if it was that or the jalapeno jelly/cream cheese or the couple of beers that mom had, but something didn't sit well.  I was up with a tummy ache until 9:45pm.

Note to self - remind mom and dad that I don't care for Gerber bananas.

Look Ma, No Hands


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