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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skype Skype Bo Bype

Over the weekend I managed to catch a worse cold than my usual dribbling nose which seems to run constantly. I was kind of cranky on Saturday and woke up with a fever during the night. I yelled for mom and dad and they consoled me and gave me some of the good stuff (Tylenol). By morning I was back to my usual charming self although I now have a slight cough that I can't seem to shake. What's a girl to do?

I was feeling pretty cooped up after being indoors all day Saturday so we made a trip to the grocer in the Bjorn. I love having a bird's eye view of all the things they stock.  Ghetto Chopper is the best!

Dad left for Chi-Town again on Monday morning. He promised me this is his last week of travel for awhile. I know he always has concerns that I'll forget who he is while he's gone, but come on...it's hard to forget those baby blue eyes.  To make sure he knew I remembered him, I decided to Skype for my first time ever.  I got to see both him as well as BobBob and Ta over in Thailand.

Tuesday Mimi dropped by to watch me for a bit so mom could give some love time to the doggies. Sometimes I wonder if they get jealous of me and resent me...that is until Porter and Sammie come up and give me kisses. Then I know they love me just as much as they love mom and dad.  Since I've not included too many pictures of them, I figured I'd add one of them loaded up and excited about coming to pick me up at day care.  You can see my Uncle Barley (on loan from BobBob) in the background as well.  He's staying with us until Gpa gets back from vacation.  Let me tell you, sharing the house with 3 dogs and 2 cats has been...interesting.

Here I am at daycare before Mimi's visit.  They have some great toys that I don't have at home.
 I've also learned to love my Jenny Jump Up.  I think I previously miscalled it my Jenny Jumper, but really, who cares right? 

I even included some video so you get a sense of just how coordinated I am already.  You'll see from the footage that I appear to be training for the downhill skiing event.

Wednesday evening, Dido popped by to give mom another shot at quality time with the dogs.  Really...grandparents are the best ever, just ask mom and dad. 

Enjoying some time on my mat:


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