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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MLKDAY...WBDATK...Same Thing Right?

Friday, January 15th, I hosted my first dinner party for Avery D. and Amelia S.  Mom cooked a roast, smashed potatoes, rolls and even a cheesecake.  We had a pretty swell time and I got carrots and cereal instead of roast.  Let me just say, carrots = awesome and I've taken to really woofing these down.

Saturday mom started getting the real flu (aches and fever) and went downhill pretty fast.  So, I got a vacation day over at Dido and Donna's.  Donna recently broke her wrist so we're keeping good thoughts in our heads that she gets better fast. 

Since mom was out of commission again on Sunday, I was on my best behavior.  I slept in a little, played on my own on my mat and took two morning naps!  After lunch Dad took me up to Mimi's pad to let mom sleep the rest of the day. 

Monday was MLK day...is that like WBDATK day?  Seems like some of the letters are similar.  School was in session for me even though I know mom had the day off.  I did get to sleep in until 8am and go in late at least.  Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty standard as well.

Not an exciting post this week, but what can you say.  Sometimes my life isn't all ups.

By the way, I'm back on my regular pooping schedule.  I'm sure everyone wanted to know :-)


Katrina on January 20, 2011 at 9:01 AM said...

Hi Maddie! Thanks for letting me borrow your high chair for the fancy dinner party. (And thanks for letting me play with all of your toys.) See you soon!


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