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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Day!

****NEWS FLASH**** 
I can now roll over! 

As of Friday, January 21st, I can officially roll over.  On my own, with no help from the 'rents.  Here's the proof:

Wednesday night mom went to Book Club but left me at home this time.  I'm getting old (wiggly and squirmy) enough that she says she doesn't really want to drag me around everywhere.  Boo.  While I was home with dad, what I'm calling the Blizzard of '11, was coming down like crazy.  We had a fun night of just daddy daughter time and thank goodness for the snow day on Thursday (school was closed) because I slept for 13 hours straight until 8:30am.  You can see from the pics how much snow we got.  Dad was shoveling by himself since mom threw out her back.  Man does that make her sound old.

Needless to say, Thursday was a fun day hanging with both mom and dad.  I spent a lot of time playing with some new toy blocks and my sweet exersaucer.  

I even got to go to the coffee shop to hang with my friend Jacksen and his dad Tyson. 

And I did a little dancing while I was there:

Saturday, Mimi stopped by for a surprise visit (well it was a surprise to me at least).  Since it was the weekend we did a lot of napping and laying around relaxing.  What a great day!!!

On a side note, BobBob gets home Monday night and we're headed out to see him (and return Barley) on Tuesday afternoon.  I can't wait for him to hold me....so excited I almost peed a little.  Oh wait...I really did pee a little.  Mommmmmm.....!


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