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Monday, December 12, 2016


First off, we sold our house.  Well we have a contract and officially close on February 9th.  Shh...don't tell our GC...he thinks we need to move out Jan 26th.  Nothing like a little pressure!
The house has never looked cleaner...for the one weekend it was on the market.

We've been busy visiting grandparents, having dinner with friends, and various school activities.

My school had a job day.  I went dressed up as a ballerina.  If I really want to do that when I grow up I should probably start back up with dance classes.

We put up the tree on 11/23.  This is one of daddy's most favorite thing to do!

We had a Thanksgiving dinner with the Wosje's.  Auntie Cole and her mom look like they should be featured in Martha Stewart Living!!

We did our turkey dinner with the whole family on Saturday.

Cousin Pierce even spent the night and when I visited him the next day at his house I got to meet his new pet ferret!

Graham had his school Christmas program.  You have to look hard to find him.  Hint - argyle sweater.

We celebrated Dad's birthday on 12/9.

On 12/11 we headed to church to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas.  He didn't write anything down, so I'm not sure he'll actually remember.  Afterwards we made cookies and ate them.  Delicious!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tooth Fairy

Well I FINALLY lost my first tooth.  I mean the top one doesn't really count since it didn't just fall out on it's own...feel free to refresh your memory from the "Chip Off the Old Block" posting back from May 8th, 2012.  Anyway, it's been wiggling for a few days now and mom finally pulled it out at dinner on Wed, Nov 9th.  And yes, the tooth fairy did visit.

October weather was wonderful and we spent a lot of time playing on our own in the basement, at aftercare, and at the Farmstead.

I did a whole season of soccer with my K friends and it was a blast.  I earned my first trophy!

We took my friend Anna to the Pumpkin Patch.  They had this awesome Bounce Pillow.  Mom kind of wants one for the back yard!

And then of course came my favorite holiday of the whole year...HALLOWEEN!  I was a Grecian Goddess.  Bet you can't guess who G Man was...

I got a ton of use out of my costume this year.  Davenport party, school party, then Halloween night at the Breer's house.

On Saturday, 11/5, mom and dad hosted a party for our soon to be neighbors.  We bought a bounce house for the occasion.  Shockingly we haven't asked to get it out again.

Most importantly.  We celebrated Dido's birthday on Monday.  We had a great dinner and enjoyed spending the evening with him.  Happy Birthday Gramps!!

House Update.  We've made a ton of progress in the last month.  Front walk and driveway poured, stain/paint, wood floors, cabinets installed, and the pad for our 10 man hot tub!!