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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Peas Please

Monday, February 21 was President's Day.  I don't really understand why mom got off work, but I still had to go to school.  I guess at least it was only a half day.  In the afternoon we went to visit Gma Ta for a couple hours and then back at home I had a "six month assessment" as part of the Parents as Teachers program.  Ms. Linda Woodman checked me for stuff like can I hold 2 blocks at one time (no), can I sit up (yes), can I crawl (no), can roll over (yes), can I blow raspberries (yes).  The results please....I passed.  Basically it means no red flags to say that I need additional testing or following up on.  Yea me!

 Ms. Linda recommended that to work on my "pincer grasp" skillz that I start eating some "finger foods".  So I took her advice and started that night with peas.  I don't quite get the hang of it (seems quicker/easier when mom and dad shove the food in my mouth) but it definitely keeps me busy, which of course mom loves.  In fact Gma/Gpa tease me that I like food so much my belly is going to burst (see pot belly pic).

The rest of the week flew by in a blur.  Gma and Gpa Duncan came over on Wednesday night to help mom entertain me since dad went to the Opera.  Everyone (including the dogs) got to go on a walk since the weather was so nice.

Here's me with my daycare friends.  We go for buggy rides around the hallways when it's not nice enough to get outside.

Here's Grandpa teasing me. What a meanie!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blast From the Past

Today (2/20) it got almost up to 70 degrees.  Just a few weeks ago (2/3), mom snapped this pick on her way to work:

Since Monday I've been a little sick (slight cough) so I'm not sleeping well and didn't get out to do too much during the week.. 

On Friday, Febuary 18th my school was closed but mom and pop still had to work, so Mimi came down to watch me for the day.  She even brought me a present - a super sweet new outfit from the Gap.  I'll post pics as soon as mom washes it and I get a chance to model it.  We had a lovely day and I even got to take a ride in the stroller for 45 minutes.  I'm loving this nice outdoorsy weather.

Mom needed a break, so Saturday dad and I went to see Mimi in Liberty.  Two days in a row of love from grandma, how lucky am I.  That night I saw the other set of grandparents.  Mom and dad had a Homeowners Association party so BobBob and Ta came over to watch me and put me to bed.  Sunday morning I saw Grandpa Dido and Donna for breakfast.  I feel like I'm getting passed around like a sack of potatoes, albeit a loved one. 

My Signature Skydiver Look
Watching Cars Go By

Gpa wouldn't share his Biscuits & Gravy!
Snuck in a napsky with dad
Sunday afternoon was another nice day so I headed back out to BobBob and Ta's with the dogs.  We spent quite a bit of time outside, the dogs took a dip in the lake, and I took a spin in some antiques.  When I say antiques, you might be thinking cars, but that's where you'd be wrong.  I toodled around the driveway in an antique stroller and then had some lunch in an antique high chair, which happened to be the same one mom and uncle Ronnie used when they were kids.  Seriously...why is everything from the 70's that ugly puke yellow/green/orange color?  How could that have looked good at any time in history?

Here's a little action footage of the antiques in use.

Mom wanted to be all artsy so she snapped these photos of me last week.  To get the full effect you have to view the entire series:

Lookin Good

Happy as a clam

Parent of the year, coming right up.

Banged my head
Thanks for letting me fall mom! 
If you look close enough you can see I still have tears in my eyes.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Mine

Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 10th was my 6 month checkup.  Granted, it was a little late as I was technically 6 months, 1 week, and 4 days old (thanks Lilypie banner at top of page).  I got the usual treatment...stripped down to nothing but the cold blue paper mat they give me to lay on, measured and weighed, poked and prodded, then 3 immunizations in the leg.  I thought I called the shots around here, but apparently not (ha ha...get it?).  I rang in at whopping 15lbs 10oz, up a couple pounds from my last visit.  You can see for yourself on my growth chart that I'm right in the 50th percentile.  I'm also catching up in height and tracking 50% there too (I grew 2 1/2 whole inches in 2 months).  Mom said I was quite the big girl and only cried for a minute or so. Here are some pics to remind you just how much I've grown (and how much cuter I've become).

The Binky is as big as my face
On a side note, check out this kid.  He's bigger than some of my 6 month old friends!

Saturday morning we had breakfast at The Classic Cookie with Dido.  Mom and dad missed the Apricot Stuffed French Toast special by a week, but still enjoyed the food. 

On Sunday we went to visit BobBob and Ta for the second day in a row!  They even let me help them Swiffer their table (although it already looked plenty clean to me?).  Mom and dad put me in the high chair for the first time for dinner.  I had Apples and Blueberries and mom said I did a great job in my new chair.  I'm also using my sippy cup for water.  I can now join the family at the table!   

Monday was Valentine's Day.  I got dad a card and some chocolates which I think he enjoyed but didn't offer to share with me.  The nerve!  That night we went to dinner with our friends Michele and Michael.  She loves to hold me and always makes me laugh!

Since I can sit up pretty well on my own now I get to take big girl baths.  I'm definitely a water baby and really enjoy splashing around and playing with my toys.  I even tried some tummy time (my friend Amelia suggested I give it a try) but I'm not so hot on that.  I'd much rather sit up and splash water on mom and dad.

Chillin' like a villain

My new cupcake dress

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hats Off to Me

This past week was quite eventful.

On Saturday, I had my picture taken again by Mr. J Todd Photography.  He snapped some good ones (if I might say so myself) of me in my birthday suit and sitting up all on my own.  Mom even took me to Wally World after to do some shopping.

Does this qualify for People of Walmart?

Saturday was also Aunt Brandi's birthday.  We celebrated by playing some XBox Kinect (I totally want one and am hoping mom and dad will spring for one for me), playing with gerbils, and eating some turkey.

On Sunday we got up and went to church.  They have this class on first Sundays of the month for parents and their kids under 3 (obviously I qualify).  We pretty much spent the hour playing with toys and singing songs which is a refreshing change from constantly getting shush'ed by mom.  We ran into Avery's grandma who promised to bring her some time so I'd have someone I know to play with. 

Sunday was also the "big game".  Unfortunately the Chiefs didn't make an appearance but we still watched.  We headed over to Avery's house to catch the first half.  The commercials made us laugh, but when the game got boring we discussed books and I discovered that dad's hat tastes yummy (oddly salty)!

Tastes like chicken
Avery's read looks interesting.


Big news on Tuesday.  Ta came home from Thailand!!!  She rushed in the house and spoiled me with kisses and gifts right away (of course Porter wanted in on the action).  She and BobBob got the treat of getting to feed me as well.  I'm so glad she's back!

Looking forward to spending more time outside too once all this damn snow melts.  Stay warm!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Very Merry Unbirthday

¯Happy Birthday to Me! ¯
To me.
To who?
To me.
Oh, you.

Birthday Pony Rides
Sunday, January 30th, officially rung in my 6 month unbirthday.  The huge party with the pony rides and cotton candy machine was so much fun.  Kidding.  We spent a quiet day at Mimi's celebrating her real birthday.  I got passed around as usual and hung out with my cousins Josh and Sam.  Since then I've been sitting up much better and rolling over a lot more.  In fact Mom found me on my tum tum on both Monday and Tuesday morning when she came in to wake me in the morning.

Happy BDay Mimi!

Spitting Up on Emmerson's Counter

Backtracking to Saturday night, mom and dad left me at home for the first time with a babysitter!  Technically it wasn't at my home...I went to party the night away and Emmerson Schatz' house (Dave and Vicki's 9 month old daughter).  Technically, it also wasn't some strange babysitter, it was Lindsay my daycare teacher which is kind of funny because I saw Amelia Steffen had the same experience too (per her blog).  Anyhoo, I had a fun time playing with Em's toys and when mom and dad got home from the KC Rep play, I was fast asleep in Lindsay's arms. 

My Babysitter Lindsay

Stroller Rides at School

Bring on the snow!
Monday night BobBob came out to visit since dad was supposed to fly out to Chicago.  Dad ended up cancelling his trip due to the Snowmageddon (as Miss Katrina calls it).  I'm totally stealing her fun phrase and will be trying to pass it off as my own for future Blizzards.  Although, according to Wikipedia, she is apparently a copy cat as well.  Mom hadn't told me, so I was completely surprised when he came home in time to join us for dinner!

Tuesday was when the Snowpocalypse started coming down, but school was still in session so I actually got to venture out into all the craziness!  Wednesday they called off school so I had some good times with mom and BobBob (he watched me so mom could get some work done).  Here's a bunch of pics of the snow.  I want to make sure Grandma Ta sees what she is missing over in Thailand.  I can't wait for her to get home on Tuesday.  I'm 101% sure there will be some snow left on the ground when she gets home.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and warm!!!

P.S. - Now that I'm 6 months old, mom let's me help Swiffer the floor: