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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Peas Please

Monday, February 21 was President's Day.  I don't really understand why mom got off work, but I still had to go to school.  I guess at least it was only a half day.  In the afternoon we went to visit Gma Ta for a couple hours and then back at home I had a "six month assessment" as part of the Parents as Teachers program.  Ms. Linda Woodman checked me for stuff like can I hold 2 blocks at one time (no), can I sit up (yes), can I crawl (no), can roll over (yes), can I blow raspberries (yes).  The results please....I passed.  Basically it means no red flags to say that I need additional testing or following up on.  Yea me!

 Ms. Linda recommended that to work on my "pincer grasp" skillz that I start eating some "finger foods".  So I took her advice and started that night with peas.  I don't quite get the hang of it (seems quicker/easier when mom and dad shove the food in my mouth) but it definitely keeps me busy, which of course mom loves.  In fact Gma/Gpa tease me that I like food so much my belly is going to burst (see pot belly pic).

The rest of the week flew by in a blur.  Gma and Gpa Duncan came over on Wednesday night to help mom entertain me since dad went to the Opera.  Everyone (including the dogs) got to go on a walk since the weather was so nice.

Here's me with my daycare friends.  We go for buggy rides around the hallways when it's not nice enough to get outside.

Here's Grandpa teasing me. What a meanie!


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