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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hats Off to Me

This past week was quite eventful.

On Saturday, I had my picture taken again by Mr. J Todd Photography.  He snapped some good ones (if I might say so myself) of me in my birthday suit and sitting up all on my own.  Mom even took me to Wally World after to do some shopping.

Does this qualify for People of Walmart?

Saturday was also Aunt Brandi's birthday.  We celebrated by playing some XBox Kinect (I totally want one and am hoping mom and dad will spring for one for me), playing with gerbils, and eating some turkey.

On Sunday we got up and went to church.  They have this class on first Sundays of the month for parents and their kids under 3 (obviously I qualify).  We pretty much spent the hour playing with toys and singing songs which is a refreshing change from constantly getting shush'ed by mom.  We ran into Avery's grandma who promised to bring her some time so I'd have someone I know to play with. 

Sunday was also the "big game".  Unfortunately the Chiefs didn't make an appearance but we still watched.  We headed over to Avery's house to catch the first half.  The commercials made us laugh, but when the game got boring we discussed books and I discovered that dad's hat tastes yummy (oddly salty)!

Tastes like chicken
Avery's read looks interesting.


Big news on Tuesday.  Ta came home from Thailand!!!  She rushed in the house and spoiled me with kisses and gifts right away (of course Porter wanted in on the action).  She and BobBob got the treat of getting to feed me as well.  I'm so glad she's back!

Looking forward to spending more time outside too once all this damn snow melts.  Stay warm!


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