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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Very Merry Unbirthday

¯Happy Birthday to Me! ¯
To me.
To who?
To me.
Oh, you.

Birthday Pony Rides
Sunday, January 30th, officially rung in my 6 month unbirthday.  The huge party with the pony rides and cotton candy machine was so much fun.  Kidding.  We spent a quiet day at Mimi's celebrating her real birthday.  I got passed around as usual and hung out with my cousins Josh and Sam.  Since then I've been sitting up much better and rolling over a lot more.  In fact Mom found me on my tum tum on both Monday and Tuesday morning when she came in to wake me in the morning.

Happy BDay Mimi!

Spitting Up on Emmerson's Counter

Backtracking to Saturday night, mom and dad left me at home for the first time with a babysitter!  Technically it wasn't at my home...I went to party the night away and Emmerson Schatz' house (Dave and Vicki's 9 month old daughter).  Technically, it also wasn't some strange babysitter, it was Lindsay my daycare teacher which is kind of funny because I saw Amelia Steffen had the same experience too (per her blog).  Anyhoo, I had a fun time playing with Em's toys and when mom and dad got home from the KC Rep play, I was fast asleep in Lindsay's arms. 

My Babysitter Lindsay

Stroller Rides at School

Bring on the snow!
Monday night BobBob came out to visit since dad was supposed to fly out to Chicago.  Dad ended up cancelling his trip due to the Snowmageddon (as Miss Katrina calls it).  I'm totally stealing her fun phrase and will be trying to pass it off as my own for future Blizzards.  Although, according to Wikipedia, she is apparently a copy cat as well.  Mom hadn't told me, so I was completely surprised when he came home in time to join us for dinner!

Tuesday was when the Snowpocalypse started coming down, but school was still in session so I actually got to venture out into all the craziness!  Wednesday they called off school so I had some good times with mom and BobBob (he watched me so mom could get some work done).  Here's a bunch of pics of the snow.  I want to make sure Grandma Ta sees what she is missing over in Thailand.  I can't wait for her to get home on Tuesday.  I'm 101% sure there will be some snow left on the ground when she gets home.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and warm!!!

P.S. - Now that I'm 6 months old, mom let's me help Swiffer the floor:


Amelia Kay on February 4, 2011 at 9:03 AM said...

Happy 6 months Maddie. Your swiffer trick looks SO fun! God knows mom needs some help cleaning our floors, maybe you can come over and we can do some 'cleaning' together!

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