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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Non Trad

On Friday, November 16th we had a fall party at school.  There were extra special snacks, noisemakers, and fun games out on the playground.  Mom stopped by to help with the party.

After school that night, we put up the Christmas tree.  I know...way early, but the next day we were having Thanksgiving dinner since Mimi and Ta would be out of town on the actual day.  I helped turn the lights on, put the decorations on, then made sure the box was empty.

We got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday 11/17 to put the turkey in the oven...just kidding.  We slept in, then got the house spic and span for our afternoon company.  I even helped with the cooking and donned my lovely apron that Avery gave me while back...it finally fits!

After dinner we enjoyed some birthday cake for BobBob.  He let me help blow out the candles and stick my fingers in the frosting.  After that Pierce and I fought over the wishbone and I'm happy to say I won.

On Sunday, we went to see Ta for a couple hours in the morning before she shipped off to Thailand.  I gave her big hugs and told her I'd miss her fiercely.  I'll especially miss the Andes mints and posicles she loads me up with.  Good thing my puppy dog eyes work on BobBob as well.

After my nap, we went to the park because it was balmy 60 degree day in November.  Crazy!  The leaves are really starting to turn too.  Dad and I decided to walk all the way down to the baseball field.  It seemed like it was a mile away, but I made it.

Sammy and Porter got to enjoy a little leftover Thanksgiving ham bone.

On Tuesday, 11/20 we headed over to have dinner with Dido and Donna.  School did my hair for the special occasion.

We're having some foundation work done on the house.  Yes...that's a truck in our yard.

Wednesday I went over to BobBob's.  Dad went to the lake to do yardwork for the night so we decided to do a slumber party.  We headed to the mall and visited the pet store and the carousel.

Thurday, November 22 was mom's birthday.  Since we'd already had turkey on the saturday before, it was just a usual non-traditional Thanksgiving day.  You know...a trip to Walmart (yes they're open 24 hours) where we stumbled upon the kid size toilet they have, a trip to see Gma Dard (I helped push her to lunch), and then dinner at the boats for the crab leg buffet (what else would you expect on Thanksgiving). 

Friday we went back to BobBob's and played at the mall again.  They had this cool kids area with slides and bouncehouses.  I promised dad that I'd take him there to play some time because he really missed out on the awesome slide.

Friday night we headed to the Mayor's Christmas tree lighting.  Frosty was there, the tree was lit, and we finished the night off with fireworks.  It was a great week!