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Friday, November 16, 2012

Front and Center

I went to dinner with Uncle Dave and his new friend Katie on Thursday, November 8th.  We had a whole boat of sushi!  I'm getting better with the camera, so I took a few of the pics on this post myself.  Good luck figuring out which ones.
Friday, 11/9 was Grandparents Day at school.  Both Dido and Mimi came to visit/play. We did some coloring, I stood front and center to impress them with my signing skills when we had to get up on stage, then I showed them around the playground.



 I went to visit BobBob and Ta on Saturday.  As you may have noticed, they were MIA from Grandparents Day, but they made up for it by getting me a gift.  Just because.  It was a Fijit which mom thought was a little creepy, but I really liked it.. 

The Fijit was an applicable color to prepare me for Saturday night's KSU football game.  We had a couple friends over to watch the Cats win their way to a #1 BCS ranking for the week.  Hopefully they can keep it up.

You might ask why I posted this first pic that is not that flattering, but if you take a peek at pic number two you might understand what should not be where it is.  And yes, that's a toy car in my hair.

Mae dropped by in full purple regalia, whereas Zack opted for my favorite naked baby look.


I'm going to breeze through the rest of the week.  Sunday was my school friend Ava's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. 

I've really taken a liking to bathing on my tummy.  Maybe it's time for indoor swim lessons? 

 Mimi came to watch me on Thursday 11/15 since I'm getting over a cold and needed some TLC.

After she left, the family made sugar cookies!  I helped to stir the dough, roll it out, cut the shapes, add sprinkles, and most importantly....eat them!



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