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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Potty Time

So here's whats new...school has started to potty train me!  Mom and dad weren't really ready for that but since school is doing tbe brunt of the work, what the hey right?  All last week went really well and I even went a couple days accident free.  It helps that they put me on the potty every half hour or so.  I love my big girl undies!  I think my favorite thing is flushing the toilet.  And of course don't forget to wash your hands.

I also made the "Special Child of God" display case for June so all the other kids at school can get to know me.

Here's a couple of pics of me sleeping.  Nothing too exciting, just showing off how I like to sleep with my bum up in the air.

Last week was quite warm.  On Tuesday we hit up the sprayground for a little fountain time.  Of course I try to look like I'm not that excited, but honestly I love fountain time.

On Wednesday dad took me for a short bike ride.

I like to harass the dogs whenever I have time.  Case in point, putting my shoe on Porter.

Mimi dropped by on Thursday and even brought dinner.  Her fried chicken is finger lickin' good!

On Friday, June 22nd we headed to the lake. I did some swimming, took a couple boat rides (doggies included), and got to stay up past my bedtime. Win, win, win.  Porter really enjoys herself down there as well.

Here's her playing with mom on the dock:

We celebrated Independence day a little early with a few fireworks.  

And I sported a new swim outfit!

Corn on the cob is a new favorite of mine.  Especially sweet corn!

So this doesn't really have anything to do with the week, but mom and dad find this pretty funny when I scream:

I have also found that I am quite musically inclined...here I am playing the harmonica:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Boss of the Toss

Dido dropped by for dinner last week.  He brought me ribs and they were finger licking good!

On Friday night there was another neighborhood party.  I got my first lesson at bean bags.  What I learned was the closer you are to the hole, the easier it is to win.  I'm thinking mom owe's me a new shirt...  There was even this cute boy there who gave me a card.

Saturday, June 16th I headed to the nature center in the morning.  They started things off with story hour although I was easily distracted by the bunnies in the pen nearby.  After a rousing show of butterfly finger puppets we followed up with some coloring and stickers.

Afterwards we were free to tour the place and view the animals they are trying to rehabilitate.  They had tons of snakes, a couple of bald eagles, and a few hawks.  I really enjoyed seeing them.

After my nap, Amelia dropped by for some pool time.  She's been busy shopping for a new house, so it feels like it's been ages since we've caught up.  We just couldn't seem to sync up our cheese face poses for the camera.

After the swim we headed out for dinner.  On the way I struck my Napoleon pose.   I often find myself telling mom and dad what to do, so this is only fitting.  We enjoyed some pizza and let me tell you it's amazing to see how much Amelia can throw down!

Dessert was a pit stop for frozen yogurt.  I was pretty full, but somehow when I saw the M&Ms, ice cream, and Heath bar, there was magically room for more.  I even snuck a bite of Amelia's.

Sunday was father's day.  My gift to dad was sleeping in until 9am!  Not even a peep out of me earlier.  It probably helped that I was up until 8:30pm the night before.  We headed to a lovely brunch buffet in the neighborhood.  

After brunch we went to say Happy Dad's day to BobBob as well.  I hung out there all day so mom and dad could go see a show.  It's funny how I spend a lot of naked baby time out there.  It's also funny how they know to stock the freezer with Popsicle's before I visit.

GGma Dard's birthday was the day before so we sang Happy Birthday.  Then of course I wrangled my own cupcake before grabbing a bath and putting on my most favorite slippers!

For some reason I was allowed to skip my afternoon nap so I fell asleep before we got a mile into the drive home.  Mom had to shake me awake at 7:30 the next morning too.  Dad and her are really digging this sleeping in trick I'm doing lately.