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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It's definitely been a hot summer already and it seems like every day is the chance to play with water!  The neighborhood pool has opened up and I've already frequented it a couple times.

We haven't gotten much rain lately so at least mom and dad don't have to mow too often.  Here I am watching dad, although most of the time I was more interested in my bowl of treats.  I love pistachios and frozen grapes.

On Thursday, June 7th, we hit up a concert and had a picnic.  Avery was there too!  I even got a new pink camp chair out of the deal.

Fridays at school during the summer are outdoor water fun days.  They put us in our swimsuits and headed out to the playground which was set up with a sprinkler and water tables.  It was awesome.  Just another reason for TGIF!

On Saturday, mom had to get her sunroof fixed and luckily the repair shop was right by BobBob/Ta's so we spent the day out there.  More flower watering chores.  What a drag.

That night, some church friends had a bbq.  Dad taught me a little T-Ball.  Let's just say I'm not planning to quit my day job.

I forgot which drink was mine so I had to sample them all until I found the one that wasn't too sweet or too sour...it was just right.

Sunday was another gym morning.  I sported my new leotard.  Before heading out, we found a turtle!

Sunday afternoon we headed to Hillsdale.  I didn't love the wave runner, but I put up with it for a little while.  The safety of shore is more my calling.


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