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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Day 🌞 to Night 🌙

To catch you up, it seems like we celebrated my 7th birthday for weeks on end. Mom and dad took me out for a fancy dinner, I had a pizza party, Ta threw a grandparent party for me, and I hosted my class to see a movie!

Mom visited G for lunch on his last day at Calvary School.  He already misses his friends and teachers from there!

We went to the lake a lot this summer and are sad that fall was here so quickly.

M had a great first day of 1st grade which started on August 11th.  She had her same teacher and classmates as she did in Kindergarten and she really loves it!

My school pic:

G had his annual checkup and did NOT like it.

On August 21st we experienced an almost total SOLAR ECLIPSE!  It was pretty neat.  We got cool glasses to look through and Mom and Graham came to my school to watch it with me.  It happened around 1pm and it got so dark that the streetlights came on and the crickets got real quiet.

On Saturday, 9/2/17 we headed to Kids Fest to play.  Check out this pic compared to us from 9/27/14...we've grown a LOT!

Here is G at the top!

We hung with the neighbors on Labor Day with a block party and bounce house.

On Friday, 9/15, we headed to Murphysboro, IL for the Graeff family reunion.  That is Mimi's dad's side of the family.  We hit up the Apple Festival and parade, ate a lot of great food, got to visit with Aunt Jen, Cousin Ingrid, and some other family members before staying Sunday night in St Louis and then heading home.

Where's Graham?

Graham and I both started soccer.  I will admit, Graham is a little more skilled of a player than I am.  He got a goal on his first game!  Here's some footage of him...look for player #4.

I try to keep up with the pics and the posts, but being a 1st grader makes for a BUSY girl!