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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Piano Man

Happy 4 week birthday to baby brother Graham!  Weird thing is he won't be a month old until Thursday 5/30...funny how that works. 

Uncle Ronnie was cleaning out the great grandma Dard's fireplace and found some OLD bits of newspaper.  We're talking 1983 old.  Apparently Dard hasn't lit a fire in a while....check out the $179 vacuum.
Last week we went out to BT's a few times and hung out. 

Friday, May 24th we went to a school picnic.  Graham got his first swing ride.

That night, Porter joined us for story time before bed.
Saturday was more BT quality time.  It was filled with bird watching, tractor rides, and playground time.

We even stopped by to introduce GGma Dard to Graham.  They have a lot in common despite the 93 year age difference.  They both take a lot of naps!

On Sunday we broke out the double Bob stroller...not to be confused with BobBob...before heading over to Auntie Cole's for breakfast!

That afternoon we headed to my friend Luke from daycare for a bbq.
Memorial Day was spent at BTs.  It poured most of the morning, but finally cleared up for some afternoon picnicing time.  Mimi and Max dropped by to see Graham and I as well.  Before we went home, we got to see the chickens who live next door.

We even made Ta get in the bounce house with us!

On Tuesday night went to the toy store to kill some time and get some new games for yours truly.  I really wanted to take this piano home, but it was over my price point.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pimp My Ride

Mom forgot to post that she got a new ride for mother's day.  Technically it's used but it's new to her.  Dad calls it the mani-van since they refused to buy a true minivan.  The dogs love all the extra room in the back.

Last week dad did a ton of yard work and as usual, I helped.
I was rewarded with ice cream!  I didn't even have to share with Graham.

Over the weekend we headed to BT's and Uncle Ronnie broke out the bounce house and tractor rides!!  And yes, that is soap on the bounce house.

 Afterwards we all needed a good wash.  I helped suds up Paige's hair...for 5 minutes.  
Here I am enjoying some activity mat time with baby bro. 

On Saturday, May 18th we headed over to Evan and Zach's house for some grilling. 
Sunday, Miss Amber brought Sophie and Alexis out to play at BT's and so she could meet Graham.

On Tuesday, May 21st, Graham had his 3 week birthday and his first bottle.  Mom filled it with a little more than 3 ounces and he drank the WHOLE thing! 


Here's the live footage: