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Friday, May 10, 2013


On Sunday, 5/5 Dido dropped by with a gift for your's truly.  Apparently he came to see Graham, but we really know who is his favorite.  It's me, right?

Later in the morning, BT stopped by with Piercey!!!  We did lunch at Spin Pizza and left Mom and Graham at home.  We toasted to some fun times ahead.

Baby Bro sleeps a lot.  So we gave him his first bath mostly to wake him up.  It worked like a charm and helped him sleep through the night.

He has his own sleep sack jammies!!  Thanks again to Lukas, Evan/Zack, and Mason for loaning him some clothes to keep him warm!!!  Mom and Dad really appreciate it!

On Monday, bro headed back to the doctor to make sure everything was A-OK.  It was.  Bro weighed in at 6lbs 3ozs right under his birth weight. 
We headed to the park Monday after school.  The weather has been glorious compared to the cold spring we've had.  See buddy...car seat ain't so bad.

Mom got Graham out for a walk on Tuesday and headed for his inaugural trip to the grocery.  During the day they get to spend a lot of quality time together.  Luckily I'm not at all jealous.  I have tons of fun at school and even get to practice my soccer skills there!
Dad had a work thing on Tuesday night so we headed out to BTs for some extra hands on help.  Mom isn't quite sure yet how to juggle both of us by herself.  Now that Piercey and Paige have moved into Dard's house, it's play time every time!
Here's bro in mom's old crib. 

Another successful trip to the park. 

Here's Graham getting his hair washed at home for the first time.  He was not happy!
Last night (May 9th) we headed to Luke from school's house.  They have a bounce house in the backyard, great for burning off some energy!!!


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