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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

To a Tee

In case you haven't noticed it's been super hot lately.  So hot that BobBob broke out the Slip and Slide.

The house project is coming along as schedule.  Framing started this week.  We continue to add pics to the House Build page as we go.  We did get a chance to climb Mt Ludlow in the back yard.

Cousin Pierce's birthday party was on June 11th.  We missed it but did get a bowl of homemade ice cream!

Graham has been officially potty trained for a few months but just learned that as a boy he can pee outside.  He loves loves loves peeing on trees.

The long cousins made it to town again and got to enjoy a few days at the lake with us.  Check out our matching swimsuits (totally unplanned no joke)!  Dido came with us too which was loads of fun.

Wednesday, June 22nd was our first tee ball game.  Gman cried as per usual and mom took him home early.  However I was a rockstar.  Hit like a champ and fielded the ball twice to throw it to first for 2 tag outs.

Sadly, Jesus the cat passed away at the ripe age of 18ish on Father's Day, June 19th.  She will be sorely missed by the family.  We are now officially catless...and litterboxless.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Making Progress

Graham had his first trip to the aquarium.  I'm not sure what G liked best...the fish, the fountains outside, or the ice cream he got afterwards.

Ta's friends were still here at the beginning of May so we got to spend a little more time visiting with them.  Thank you aunties for all the gifts and hugs!!

G and I had our semi annual trip to the dentist.  While I was a perfect little patient, G was not.  He cried as usual.  The reward for no cavities...home made pizzas!

Probably the coolest thing I did was head to Daisy Scout camp.  I mean it wasn't real camping since we got to sleep in an air conditioned room with bunk beds, but it was super fun!!  Mom stayed the night too and really enjoyed sleeping in a room with 20 kids and moms.

On May 18th I had my Kindergarten graduation.

Uncle Ronnie opened his pool for business for Memorial weekend and we stopped by to tell Great Gma Dard that we miss her.

Now for the fun stuff...we're making progress on our new house.  Here are some of the highlights...check out more pics on the House Build link.  The workers tore out the concrete patio slab in back and framed out and poured the footers.  Next week they'll be working on the foundation walls before they start ripping off the roof for the upstairs addition.