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Saturday, February 8, 2020

All ★ Year

Here are the highlights from 2019.  Hold on to your hats...this might be a long one.

Jan/Feb 2019 was a cold one.  Lots of snow, ice, power outages, and sledding.  Luckily we had a house guest (Mr. Michael Dreiling) for the month of January to keep us entertaining while we were stuck indoors.  And of course we welcomed Ta home from Thailand.

We took a lot of FitGirlKC classes taught by our neighbor Emily.

Porter turned 11 years old in February so we made sure to give her lots of love.

In March we headed to Cancun with Jason, Jen, and Gretta Parker.



April and May brought us the annual Father/Daughter dance...

...the selling of BobBob's 1975 Yamaha (sadly we never got it working right)...

...Graham stuck at home with the flu which caused him to puke 5 times (yuck!)...

...and dad shaving his head for the American Cancer Society's Shave to Save.

...and of course, Graham's 6th birthday!

A wonderful spring/summer brought us many warm days to be outside.

In July we celebrated Maddie's 9th birthday with a visit to the Cat Cafe where you can play with cats but not bring them home.  Perfect for mom!

Fast forward to September.  After the start of a new school year (G - 1st Grade, M - 3rd Grade) we headed out to California to visit Disneyland and the beach.

We celebrated Ta's birthday on October 6th.

During the year we made it to a few concerts and WoF.

On October 30th, we lost Grandpa Dido to cancer.  The whole family is extremely saddened, but thankful for the time we were able to spend with him and know that he looks over us daily.

Fast forward to the end of the year.  We enjoyed Maddie's school musical, greeted Santa, enjoyed lots of new toys, and learned to cross stitch.

And how could I forget the best part?  Our favorite present was socks with dad's face on them!!

We continued with our piano lessons throughout the year and even learned to play a duet.

And sometimes we practice in our Halloween costume.
And lastly, we cycled through a few pets throughout the year.  First was an Ant Farm that Graham got for his birthday.  It was pretty amazing to watch them tunnel.

And we added rabbits to our family.  We thought they were both boys so were pretty surprised when we realized one was a "she" and pregnant at that.  They had several babies that the kids loved watching them grow and change.  Alas, the babies eventually made their way back to the pet store to find their forever homes.

Oh my, what an incredible year 2019 was for the family and we look forward to what 2020 has in store for us!


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Happy 8th birthday Graham

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