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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Daily Grind

Well this week I'm trying to get on a schedule what with mom being back to work and all (Mon, Wed, Fri this week then back to full time next week).  I'm usually eating around 11am and 2pm during the day and mom has come home to see me at 11 both Mon and Wed this week.  Mimi is watching me again until my "school" starts November 1st.  I've been hearing mom and dad whisper about this daylight savings thing and how it's going to affect my schedule. 

This past weekend we went to root on the Tigers over at the Bates' house.  I had on my KSU garb earlier in the day, but dad made me change into my MU onsie to give me equal time.  The Tigers pulled off an amazing win against OU.  If they keep up this season they might actually get an invite to a decent bowl this year like the Insight.com bowl ;-)

Mimi says each time she sees me I grow bigger.  It must be true because when I hit my 12 week old birthday on 10/22 I went up to size 2 diapers and up to a Small size sleep sack that no longer swaddles my arms in.  The size 2's (far right) don't look that much bigger, but they sure do hold a lot of my pee pee.

In preparation for my first Halloween, I picked out a pumpkin for our porch.  I doubt mom and dad will get around to carving it (lazy parents) but it still looks good either way.  It weighs more than I do :-)

Since I already gave you a preview of my Zebra costume I guess it won't hurt to show it off again.  I dressed up for Mimi on Wednesday since I most likely won't make it up to trick or treat in Liberty.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Today is a Date Which Will Live in Infamy

Well to me anyway. 

Mom leaving for work - notice my sad expression

Today (Friday, October 22nd) Mommy had to go back to work.  Tears.  The only good part of the day is that I got to spend it with Mimi...she spoiled me by holding me and talking to me all day to help ease the pain of mom being gone.  She left for work at 8:30 and I was pleasantly surprised when she popped back in around 11:15 to serve up some lunch.  She left shortly after and returned home about 4:15pm.  I am happy to say I survived without her and imagine things will get easier for the both of us with time.  Oh and dad was home too :-)


Some other fun things we did this week...
1)  Slumber party all week at BobBob and Ta's since dad was in Chi-town for work again.  A lot of sleeping happened.  Grandma Ta really knows how to put me to sleep.  That and my first tractor ride.
2)  Dinner with Jackie and Kellie.  Happy belated b-day to Jackie.
3)  An evening with Grandpa Dido while mom and dad went to see Seinfeld.  They said he was pretty funny and I look forward to the days I'm allowed to watch TV and watch endless hours of Seinfeld episodes from start to finish.
Note - I did give Dido a hard time by crying for 45 minutes straight then yacking all over his shirt.  I will say he handled it all pretty well.

Happy B Day Miss Jackie

Avery doing some fashion show action at dinner

You Snooze You Lose
Dumb saying...I snooze, I win.
Me Sucking on Ta's Finger

Tractor Ride Video:

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Girl Who Went to Book Club About Girl With Dragon Tattoo

On Tuesday (Oct 12th) Mom invited me (as an honorary member) to her quarterly book club meeting.  Eight of the girls were able to make it which was a pretty good turn out.  They met at Grand Street this time and reserved the back room so they could booze up and cause a ruckus without getting kicked out.  The book of the quarter was "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" which mom highly recommends.  In fact she's already more than 2/3rds of the way through the sequel "The Girl Who Played With Fire".  I feel like the girls did more gossiping than discussing the book, but either way it was a pretty fun time. 

The rest of the week was pretty low key.  Breakfast at EggTC, hanging with mom and dad under the activity mat, yada yada.

On Friday however, the parents and I had lunch at Lill's on 17th.  This is one of mom and dad's favorite restaurants and the owner Trell (pictured holding me below) claims they got married because of the romantic dinners at Lill's.  Please also note my awesome KSU hat in honor of their win over KU on Thursday night.

On Saturday morning I rose bright and early after mom unexpectedly woke me up.  They dropped me at Grandpa Dido and Donna's house for some baby sitting fun.  Apparently they were off to do something stupid like run 13.1 miles.  Dad finished the KC 1/2 marathon with a personal best of under 2 hours.  Mom finished in 2:08:07, a personal best.  In 2007 her finish time was 2:08:21.  Apparently they're both getting faster with age...beer and wine must make you faster?
Saturday afternoon was spent on the deck with cocktails and ibuprofen (mom and dad, not me).  I did get to spend some time with Avery Davenport and got a kick out of watching her eat pizza in a highly unconventional way.  I can't even describe it, so keep an eye out for pics to be posted on her blog (hint hint Avery).

Sunday was the monthly get together with dad's friends and all their kids.  I'm no longer the youngest of the crew since Bates' newest addition, but I'm still the youngest girl.  The party was halloween themed.  Now I know I promised not to post any pictures until after the Davenport's halloween party, but mom and dad thought I looked so cute they told me to post them anyway.  Most of you will get the full effect in person at the party anyway. 

Yes that is dad trying to feed me a chicken wing

Adding some completely unrelated pics to the events of the week.  Mom was feeling artsy and got out the big camera.  Seriously...why does she think it's cute to photograph me in my birthday suit.  A girl kind of feels self conscious when you have as many fat rolls as I do.

Reaching into the video archives.  This is from the day I got released from the hospital to go home for the first time.  I was 4 days old.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

High Profile Racks

I'm starting to figure out this whole advertising and marketing scam that surrounds me. Just the other day, Mommy bough a drying rack to dry the stuff I either suck on, spit up on, or poop on. It just so happens to look like grass and is easy to hold odd shaped baby essentials.

Fair enough. However, I was reading some of the fine print and ran across this incredibly compelling reason to buy the Boon Grass drying rack:

Really? How stupid do you think I am? This low profile drying rack looks great in a modern kitchen. Does this mean the Boon looks like shit in any kitchen that isn't modern?

"Hey honey, maybe we shouldn't have moved from our house with a modern kitchen. This drying rack now looks like grass is growing out of our shitty arts and crafts style kitchen counters," said the man who forgot to read the fine print.

If a low profile version looks good in modern kitchens, maybe a high-profile model looks great in crappy kitchens. The high profile model can be used to obstruct a view or to massively distract the eye away from your 1960's orange and pink linoleum floor with baby blue tiled counters. Either way, you can see the results and be amazed at the amazing transformation the product made to our kitchen.
Low Profile Version:

High Profile Version:

Which one do you think is best?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleeping Like a Log

Today's post is going to be a little disorganized.  Let's start with the most important news first.  I am now sleeping 8+ hours.  THAT'S RIGHT, EIGHT HOURS!  On Wednesday night I slept 8 hours straight.  On Thursday night 9 hours, and on Friday (Oct 8) night 10 hours straight. I didn't ask to have for my diaper to be changed or for food or calm me after a bad dream.  No wonder mom has been so happy when she comes in to get me in the morning.

Next, I want to give everyone a little tip here.  Never stick your child in a Baby Bjorn and attempt to chop onions.  I mean that should clearly be put on the label not to do so.  Or maybe it is on the label, but if it is, dad forgot to read it.  About a minute into chopping it took me basically having a seizure fit to realize this may not be the best idea he's ever had.  Mom got a good laugh out of it.  Me, not so much laughing.
Baby Bjorn
(not me pictured)

Now on to other news:
The week started off with dad leaving for Chicago again.  He told me he'd be back on Thursday to give me loads of hugs and kisses.  Mom had a lunch date with the girls so we picked up Katrina on the way and then treked over to Ingredient at Town Center and I was introduced to Megan and Carrie.  We had a lovely time and Megan even held me for short awhile. The rest of the day included a visit by Mimi who talks and sings to me so well and a trip over to see my other grandparents, Dido and Donna.  Overall a busy, well rounded day.

Tuesday afternoon we headed to BobBob and Ta's for another slumber party.  The afternoon was lazily spent outside on the swing before we headed to CPK for dinner.  Mmmm...Thai Chicken Pizza.  I think it'd be good even if I wasn't 1/4th Thai  (technically 1/8th Thai and 1/8th Chinese, but they all look the same anyway right).

At the Classic Cup

Wednesday, October 6th, was Ta's birthday.  That morning mom loaded me up to go meet Amelia and Kristin at the Classic Cup on the plaza.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I just snoozed out on the back deck.  I'm pretty sure Amelia did the same.  The evening was spent gearing up for the birthday party.  I was dressed in my finest duds when Great Grandma Dard, Ronnie, Brandi, and cousin Pierce came over.  We dined outside and right before the cake came out I had a crying fit.  I just wasn't feeling up to singing happy birthday and therefore am left out of the video below.  It took me about 20 minutes of wailing before I got it all out of my system and calmed down.  This is the night I slept 8 hours.  I guess I just exhausted myself out. 

Great Gma Dard

Thursday afternoon we headed home in time for Tara to drop by for a visit.  I remember her holding me a couple weeks after I was born and she was scared to death, but now that I'm much sturdier (fatter) she seemed to enjoy it much more.  Daddy got home and covered me with the kisses he promised.  I missed him a lot and he promised to stay home for at least all next week.  We won't mention how KSU lost their hineys to NU that night.  Wait, I guess I did just mention it. 

On Friday we headed to Amelia's house for a bagel and coffee.  Kristin had to run some errands so mom managed to watch both me and Amelia on her own for about 30 minutes.  Mom wasn't too excited when I started getting fussy/hungry and Amelia started crying to be held.  I guess she won't be offering in home day care any time soon.  Friday night dad had "the boys" over for poker night.  I thought Mike D. was going to bring my friend Avery but she was out of town with her mom.  I did get to see my cousin Pierce since Unclue Ron joined in on the poker night fun.  I forgot to grab the camera, so sorry, no pics of dad losing my college fund (luckily we still have the house). 

The rest of the weekend was a trip to the zoo with Mr. and Mrs. Nass, watching MU kill CU, and watching the Chiefs lose (booooo).  I'm looking forward to dad being home this week and counting down my last two weeks at home with mom before I start school (day care).

Awesome Bounce Chair Avery loanded me

Pouty face I use to get dad to do what I want.
May also get me on America's Next Top Model.

Jackie Weber got me this cute outfit. 
I strive to be as stylish as she is.  It's hard.

 I'm going to leave you with this quote:
People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.  ~Leo J. Burke

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

Well, it was another busy weekend I spent gallavanting (great word) around town.  After spending Tues through Thurs out with BobBob, Ta, Mom and the dogs, I came home to welcome dad home from his first week of traveling for work.  He's in Chicago every other week now and will be gone this coming week again.  It's sad when he's gone, but grandma and grandpa spoil me rotten with lots of holding time and kisses to ease my pain.

Friday morning started off with coffee with the girls (Amelia and her mom Kristin).  We met on the plaza and strollered around.  Mom even picked up a pretty sweet halloween costume for me.  Apparently she's going to get her money out of the thing and I'll be debuting it this week, but we'll wait to post pics until after Avery Davenports kickin' Halloween party.  Friday evening mom and dad hosted a "Fly the Flag" for the neighborhood association.  Basically they supply the booze and the neighbors drop by with a snack.  We had a fun time and enjoyed the wonderful fall weather.

Me with Rhino (pictured right)
Saturday started with another trip to the plaza so dad could get ANOTHER pair of jeans.  I snagged me some more fancy digs from Baby Gap (they were on sale) before we headed home.  In the afternoon I took my first trip to the zoo.  Mom and dad kept saying how they remembered it being a little cooler place back in the "good old days".  For example, they supposedly had peacocks just running around loose but don't anymore.  The neatest thing was the polar bear exibit.  Nikita is its name (I can't remember if it's a boy or girl) and it put on quite the show for us.  It walked around, rolled in the dirt, then swam some laps.  Riddle me this...what the heck does the thing do in the summer when it's 1000 degrees?  Hello, we live in Kansas City.  If anyone knows the answer, email me - maddie.ludlow@gmail.com.

Me with Nikita in background

Sunday morning we met Jackson Markham (Jen and Tyson's son) at Coffee Girls for a little coffee (der) and some scones.  Sunday afternoon Dad went to the last Royals game of the season and got to sit in the Crown Club seats with Mr. Dave Schatz (Emerson Schatz's dad) so mom, me, and the dawgs headed out to BobBob and Ta's again so mom could go for a run while they watched me.  She also scored some M&M cookies to bring home so I guess the drive out to O-Town was worth the while.  The rest of the evening was pretty low key so dad could get psyched up for his travels again.

The other cool thing I learned how to do this weekend.  Sitting in the Bumbo and holding a ball.  Thanks Mike D. and Kat for loaning this to mom and dad.  It's the coolest thing ever!
Self Portrait

Self Portrait 2