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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Daily Grind

Well this week I'm trying to get on a schedule what with mom being back to work and all (Mon, Wed, Fri this week then back to full time next week).  I'm usually eating around 11am and 2pm during the day and mom has come home to see me at 11 both Mon and Wed this week.  Mimi is watching me again until my "school" starts November 1st.  I've been hearing mom and dad whisper about this daylight savings thing and how it's going to affect my schedule. 

This past weekend we went to root on the Tigers over at the Bates' house.  I had on my KSU garb earlier in the day, but dad made me change into my MU onsie to give me equal time.  The Tigers pulled off an amazing win against OU.  If they keep up this season they might actually get an invite to a decent bowl this year like the Insight.com bowl ;-)

Mimi says each time she sees me I grow bigger.  It must be true because when I hit my 12 week old birthday on 10/22 I went up to size 2 diapers and up to a Small size sleep sack that no longer swaddles my arms in.  The size 2's (far right) don't look that much bigger, but they sure do hold a lot of my pee pee.

In preparation for my first Halloween, I picked out a pumpkin for our porch.  I doubt mom and dad will get around to carving it (lazy parents) but it still looks good either way.  It weighs more than I do :-)

Since I already gave you a preview of my Zebra costume I guess it won't hurt to show it off again.  I dressed up for Mimi on Wednesday since I most likely won't make it up to trick or treat in Liberty.


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