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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Girl Who Went to Book Club About Girl With Dragon Tattoo

On Tuesday (Oct 12th) Mom invited me (as an honorary member) to her quarterly book club meeting.  Eight of the girls were able to make it which was a pretty good turn out.  They met at Grand Street this time and reserved the back room so they could booze up and cause a ruckus without getting kicked out.  The book of the quarter was "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" which mom highly recommends.  In fact she's already more than 2/3rds of the way through the sequel "The Girl Who Played With Fire".  I feel like the girls did more gossiping than discussing the book, but either way it was a pretty fun time. 

The rest of the week was pretty low key.  Breakfast at EggTC, hanging with mom and dad under the activity mat, yada yada.

On Friday however, the parents and I had lunch at Lill's on 17th.  This is one of mom and dad's favorite restaurants and the owner Trell (pictured holding me below) claims they got married because of the romantic dinners at Lill's.  Please also note my awesome KSU hat in honor of their win over KU on Thursday night.

On Saturday morning I rose bright and early after mom unexpectedly woke me up.  They dropped me at Grandpa Dido and Donna's house for some baby sitting fun.  Apparently they were off to do something stupid like run 13.1 miles.  Dad finished the KC 1/2 marathon with a personal best of under 2 hours.  Mom finished in 2:08:07, a personal best.  In 2007 her finish time was 2:08:21.  Apparently they're both getting faster with age...beer and wine must make you faster?
Saturday afternoon was spent on the deck with cocktails and ibuprofen (mom and dad, not me).  I did get to spend some time with Avery Davenport and got a kick out of watching her eat pizza in a highly unconventional way.  I can't even describe it, so keep an eye out for pics to be posted on her blog (hint hint Avery).

Sunday was the monthly get together with dad's friends and all their kids.  I'm no longer the youngest of the crew since Bates' newest addition, but I'm still the youngest girl.  The party was halloween themed.  Now I know I promised not to post any pictures until after the Davenport's halloween party, but mom and dad thought I looked so cute they told me to post them anyway.  Most of you will get the full effect in person at the party anyway. 

Yes that is dad trying to feed me a chicken wing

Adding some completely unrelated pics to the events of the week.  Mom was feeling artsy and got out the big camera.  Seriously...why does she think it's cute to photograph me in my birthday suit.  A girl kind of feels self conscious when you have as many fat rolls as I do.

Reaching into the video archives.  This is from the day I got released from the hospital to go home for the first time.  I was 4 days old.


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