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Friday, October 22, 2010

Today is a Date Which Will Live in Infamy

Well to me anyway. 

Mom leaving for work - notice my sad expression

Today (Friday, October 22nd) Mommy had to go back to work.  Tears.  The only good part of the day is that I got to spend it with Mimi...she spoiled me by holding me and talking to me all day to help ease the pain of mom being gone.  She left for work at 8:30 and I was pleasantly surprised when she popped back in around 11:15 to serve up some lunch.  She left shortly after and returned home about 4:15pm.  I am happy to say I survived without her and imagine things will get easier for the both of us with time.  Oh and dad was home too :-)


Some other fun things we did this week...
1)  Slumber party all week at BobBob and Ta's since dad was in Chi-town for work again.  A lot of sleeping happened.  Grandma Ta really knows how to put me to sleep.  That and my first tractor ride.
2)  Dinner with Jackie and Kellie.  Happy belated b-day to Jackie.
3)  An evening with Grandpa Dido while mom and dad went to see Seinfeld.  They said he was pretty funny and I look forward to the days I'm allowed to watch TV and watch endless hours of Seinfeld episodes from start to finish.
Note - I did give Dido a hard time by crying for 45 minutes straight then yacking all over his shirt.  I will say he handled it all pretty well.

Happy B Day Miss Jackie

Avery doing some fashion show action at dinner

You Snooze You Lose
Dumb saying...I snooze, I win.
Me Sucking on Ta's Finger

Tractor Ride Video:


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