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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

High Profile Racks

I'm starting to figure out this whole advertising and marketing scam that surrounds me. Just the other day, Mommy bough a drying rack to dry the stuff I either suck on, spit up on, or poop on. It just so happens to look like grass and is easy to hold odd shaped baby essentials.

Fair enough. However, I was reading some of the fine print and ran across this incredibly compelling reason to buy the Boon Grass drying rack:

Really? How stupid do you think I am? This low profile drying rack looks great in a modern kitchen. Does this mean the Boon looks like shit in any kitchen that isn't modern?

"Hey honey, maybe we shouldn't have moved from our house with a modern kitchen. This drying rack now looks like grass is growing out of our shitty arts and crafts style kitchen counters," said the man who forgot to read the fine print.

If a low profile version looks good in modern kitchens, maybe a high-profile model looks great in crappy kitchens. The high profile model can be used to obstruct a view or to massively distract the eye away from your 1960's orange and pink linoleum floor with baby blue tiled counters. Either way, you can see the results and be amazed at the amazing transformation the product made to our kitchen.
Low Profile Version:

High Profile Version:

Which one do you think is best?


Jason on October 12, 2010 at 11:20 PM said...

Oh my Maddie.....I think your parents have too much time on thier hands. Put them to work!

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