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Monday, April 27, 2015

Terrible Two's

Here are the latest schools pics of Grammy and I.

School had a pancake breakfast so mom and dad had a quick bite with us before scooting off to work.

Here's what Graham does at school all day.  Puzzles, books, playground.  Sounds like a lot of work!

While Graham is not technically 2 yet (April 30th), he has been terrible for quite some time.  But I guess come Thursday, the Terrible Twos will be officially here.  To celebrate his special day, we got him a cake with what else...a DUCK DUCK!

Graham's 2nd Birthday:

On Saturday, April 25th, all of his friends dropped by Gymboree to help him celebrate.

Highlights from his party:

Sunday morning we got up and did the Trolley "Walk".

Afterwards, there was a kid's run and I rocked it!  Whereas I came in first, G Man came in last.  

Trolley Run:

On Sunday, I went to my friend Emmerson's birthday party and guess who showed up!  ELSA!!! Those are some high expectations set for my party this July...hint hint.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Graham!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Staycation 2.0

Last year this time Mom and Dad decided to head to Mexico so I could "Staycation" with BobBob and Ta while Graham went to Mimi's.  Well they did it again and G and I stayed with BT while they had fun in the sun..

On March 24th, they headed back with Mike and Katrina and their other friends Jayson and Jen.  They had a great time.  Oh...except for the part where Jen slipped and fell on the second night there, cut her lip and busted a tooth and had to head back early.  Luckily she's all better but it definitely wasn't as fun without them.

Mom isn't one to complain (not too much anyway) but as you can see below, their ocean view room did not have much of an ocean view.

Normal pose

Sexy Pose

On Tuesday, March 31st, Graham had his first dentist appointment.  He passed with flying colors.

Graham at the Dentist:

Friday, April 3rd was Good Friday and it was good!  Mom had the day off work so we headed to Wonderscope.  Graham loves the place as much as I do.

Saturday, we visited the Easter Bunny with Dido, and on Sunday we had Easter dinner with Mimi and Max.

Here I am with full control of the camera and the freedom to show my artistic side.

Our hobbies lately...painting and dance.

On Saturday, April 11th I got to attend Avery D's 6th birthday party.  We painted canvases with our initials on them.  Happy Birthday Avery!!!

While I was at the birthday party, Graham and Dad headed to the zoo.  They road the boat, the sky safari, and G was so worn out he fell asleep on the way home.

This week is spirit week at school.  I'm not sure what Princess/Superhero Day has to do with school spirit, but I love it!