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Monday, April 27, 2015

Terrible Two's

Here are the latest schools pics of Grammy and I.

School had a pancake breakfast so mom and dad had a quick bite with us before scooting off to work.

Here's what Graham does at school all day.  Puzzles, books, playground.  Sounds like a lot of work!

While Graham is not technically 2 yet (April 30th), he has been terrible for quite some time.  But I guess come Thursday, the Terrible Twos will be officially here.  To celebrate his special day, we got him a cake with what else...a DUCK DUCK!

Graham's 2nd Birthday:

On Saturday, April 25th, all of his friends dropped by Gymboree to help him celebrate.

Highlights from his party:

Sunday morning we got up and did the Trolley "Walk".

Afterwards, there was a kid's run and I rocked it!  Whereas I came in first, G Man came in last.  

Trolley Run:

On Sunday, I went to my friend Emmerson's birthday party and guess who showed up!  ELSA!!! Those are some high expectations set for my party this July...hint hint.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Graham!!!


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