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Friday, May 27, 2011

Watermelon + Warm Weather = Heaven

So I don't often blog about my likes/dislikes, but this week I'm loving the clothes from Tea CollectionAvery introduced me to this brand of clothing and I think mom is cursing her mom Katrina for it since it's not your typical Blue Light Special cost.  I mean honestly though, how cute am I going to be in this little number.  Shhh...don't tell dad I used his credit card.

It's been a rough last weekend/week for me.  I've been sick on and off (fever, fussy, wanting mom) but I'm starting to feel back to my self.  We were supposed to host a neighborhood party at our house on Friday, but it got rained out which is probably for the best since I slept approximately 3.5 hours at daycare and then another hour + after I got home.  I wasn't really up for entertaining.  On Saturday I got to spend the morning with Gma and Gpa Duncan as well as their friends who are still here from Thailand.  Then on Saturday night, my babysitter Lindsay came over so mom and dad could head to a bday party.

Mom and dad at a challenge course with church friends:

Mom and dad at a pig roast party: 
Dad Not Pictured (in case you weren't sure)
Sunday was another trip out to the Duncan's, but this time we stayed for dinner.  I got some time in the antique stroller, the antique high chair, and the AWESOME lawn mower.  I can't wait to mow the yard all the time!

On Sunday night, a huge tornado hit Joplin which is only a couple hours away from here.  My heart goes out to those people who lost people they love, their homes, and maybe even their jobs all in one day.  It reminds me that I have a lot to be thankful for.  Mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and even the puppies!

The big excitement though came on Wednesday night.  Mom stripped me down for my bath and I had a real faint rash all over my tummy.  Dad heard daycare talking about some of the other kids Roseola last week and deduced that I had the same thing so weren't too concerned.  They loaded me up with Tylenol and put me down for the night where I proceeded to sleep for 13 hours!  I know you can't see it real well, but the rash is there if you look hard enough.

Since I was sick, we spent some time relaxing on the deck when it was nice enough out so I could watch the bubbles blow by.

I love standing on the bench watching the dogs play in the yard!  I also got some good time in with Gma Donna when she and Dido dropped by to visit Thursday night.  Another favorite thing....watermelon!  I almost love it as much as oranges.
As I said...I love me some watermelon!


Friday, May 20, 2011

M.L. Phone Home

On Sunday, mom and I spent some more time with my Thailand friends before they head back.  We had a nice meal.  I always sit by Great Gma Dard (she loves staring at me) and BobBob who does a great job feeding me.  Mmmm...pass some more corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, and baked beans!


Monday I was sent home from school a wee bit early.  There's this stomach bug thing going around school and I think I got it.  I went back on Tuesday, and as a treat to make me feel better, Mimi busted me out for a 1/2 day and I got to spend the afternoon with her at home.  After she left, mom and dad strolled me over to Julian to enjoy a snack outside.

Apparently I gave dad whatever I had because he was sick all Wednesday night, but it was definitely worse for him. I'm afraid it was like 9/11 times.

I've been doing a lot more crawling around on the floor and am getting better and navigating to where I want to end up.  I crawled over to my toy corner, but I didn't even begin to know where to start.  Aggggh too many toys!

Here are some pics from daycare.  Funny how my friend Evan, who also happens to be a boy, has more hair than me.

Here's some recent art work I've done titled "Birds in Flight".  As you can see I've taken a very literal view and even included cotten ball clouds versus a more abstract perspective that I could have used.

Here I am receiving a call from dad.

This post is in loving memory of mom's cousin PK.  He passed away at the early age of 27.  He will be dearly remembered always by his family.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fist Bumps

So the week flew by in a blur.  Some big achievements on my part include the fact that I'm getting my 2nd bottom tooth in, as well as at least one (maybe two) top teeth.  So to date, I've got tooth # 16 (see diagram) and now have 15, 4 and 7 peeping in.

In addition to more teeth, I'm now eating big kid school lunches.  I get a real menu sent home with me and I eat small bits of stuff like turkey and cheese sandwiches, pasta and sauce, and my favorite...chicken nuggets (of coure who doesn't love chicken nuggets but maybe Nazis).  Another highlight of the week was getting to take a bath with mom!  Fun times and I can't wait for swim lessons to start and weekend trips to the lake!


On Saturday, I went out to visit my "relatives" from Thailand again.  Na Peng gave me a bottle and Pa Ead laughed at me and played games with me and cousin Pierce!

Then for the Pièce de Résistance...we threw a welcome home party for Uncle Dave!  Lot's of dad's friends dropped by and held me.  I got to see mom's old roommate Brad, Evan and Emmerson, and even Jeremy and Kelli.  The best part of the night was Uncle Dave telling stories about Djibouti while Caroline fed me a bottle. 

In other news, dad is teaching me fist bumps:

Here I am perfecting my crawl.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cow Says Moo

I went back to school on Wednesday after being out for a day.  To celebrate my return, BobBob, Dido, and Donna all came over.  The day was ¯glorious¯ so we sat outside on the patio.  We had Moo Satay.  Funny how pork in Thai is called "moo" which is the sound cows make.  I can't even begin to say beef in Thai, but let me just tell you that it's not called "oink".  Cousin Aiden even made it over and he gave me big hugs before he left. 

Thursday and Friday went by in a blur.  All I remember is I was starting to get over my ear ache and eat better and it was GREAT weather outside.  On Saturday, May 7th, Mr. J. Todd came over snap pics of me again.  This time my 9 monther shoot.  Go figure, but mom wanted some more nudie pics of me.  I'll let you know how they turn out (amazing I'm sure).  After that, who family packed up the car and headed to BobBob's.  Grandma is still on a road trip with her friends so we had Gramps all to our selves.  Dad lounged on the hammock, the dogs went for a swim, and I got pushed around in the stroller.  Heavenly.

Saturday evening mom and dad took me over to Emmerson's house so they could head to a baby shower.  As you can see they got all dolled up for the shin dig.

Sunday was mother's day and as my gift to her, I suggested dad get us out of the house and leave her alone.  So we headed up to L-Town to see Mimi and Max.  Happy mother's day mom (an afternoon by yourself) and happy mother's day Mimi (an afternoon with me).  Double whammy.

Monday, dad dropped me at school and then headed straigt to Chicago.  I guess it's going to be a girl's night.  He'll be back on Tuesday, so I only have to miss him for 1 night :-)
NEWSFLASH - I'm cruising!

Here's mom teasing me with a flashlight. What do I look like...a cat?

And here I am modeling the latest fashions.  The first came all the way from Thailand.  Shorts are so hot right now!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

9 Months and Counting

On Friday, April 29th I had my 9 month check up.  I went in fully expecting the usual.  Weight check (16lbs 12oz), height check (26.5 in), listen to the heart, shots.  Well lucky me...NO 9 MONTH SHOTS!  Sweet!  Doc said I was doing well and she had a feeling I was going to be a fast walker.  Mom and dad were all but excited to hear that.  So the Doc did point out a couple things.  1) I went from 50th percentile to 25th (see my growth chart) so instead of giving me water with meals they're going to give me formula in my sippy cup and 2) apparently I have an ear infection.  Great parents I have, although I didn't really make a big deal of it so I guess how were they to know.  Anyway, I'm on amoxicillin (yes the pink bubble gum tasting stuff) and taking it fine.  While we waited, I put my Asian heritage to use by mastering the abacus.  After my appointment I went back to school and mom and dad enjoyed the afternoon out.

The weekend was pretty great.  Friday night dad and Uncle Dave came over to have dinner and we went for a nice stroll.  Saturday, April 30 (my real bday) Gma Jeanne, Max, and Gpa BobBob all came over to walk down to the art fair.  We even ran into Evan Ungles.  I loved the crowds and all the pretty art work!




Saturday evening we headed to Emmerson Schatz' bday party.  She turned 1 year old!!  I've already requested balloons for my party because they were awesome.

On Sunday I headed out to BobBob's again and got to see Aunt Brandi as well.  Busy me...another party...this time for baby-to-be Paige Duncan.  Aunt Brandi looks like she's about to pop any day now.  I can't wait to meet my new cousin!

Since I'm on the amox, I think it's not quite settling well with my stomach.  I spit up quite a bit at school on Monday so they sent me home early and said I had to stay home Tuesday too in case it was some bug and not just the meds.  Mom stayed home with me all day.  Since I was feeling pretty good, we went to the coffee shop and played outside.

Definitely a house divided!  Don't tell dad, but I'm a Wildcat at heart :-)  

 PS.  I now sit up to greet mom and dad when they come in to get me!