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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cow Says Moo

I went back to school on Wednesday after being out for a day.  To celebrate my return, BobBob, Dido, and Donna all came over.  The day was ¯glorious¯ so we sat outside on the patio.  We had Moo Satay.  Funny how pork in Thai is called "moo" which is the sound cows make.  I can't even begin to say beef in Thai, but let me just tell you that it's not called "oink".  Cousin Aiden even made it over and he gave me big hugs before he left. 

Thursday and Friday went by in a blur.  All I remember is I was starting to get over my ear ache and eat better and it was GREAT weather outside.  On Saturday, May 7th, Mr. J. Todd came over snap pics of me again.  This time my 9 monther shoot.  Go figure, but mom wanted some more nudie pics of me.  I'll let you know how they turn out (amazing I'm sure).  After that, who family packed up the car and headed to BobBob's.  Grandma is still on a road trip with her friends so we had Gramps all to our selves.  Dad lounged on the hammock, the dogs went for a swim, and I got pushed around in the stroller.  Heavenly.

Saturday evening mom and dad took me over to Emmerson's house so they could head to a baby shower.  As you can see they got all dolled up for the shin dig.

Sunday was mother's day and as my gift to her, I suggested dad get us out of the house and leave her alone.  So we headed up to L-Town to see Mimi and Max.  Happy mother's day mom (an afternoon by yourself) and happy mother's day Mimi (an afternoon with me).  Double whammy.

Monday, dad dropped me at school and then headed straigt to Chicago.  I guess it's going to be a girl's night.  He'll be back on Tuesday, so I only have to miss him for 1 night :-)
NEWSFLASH - I'm cruising!

Here's mom teasing me with a flashlight. What do I look like...a cat?

And here I am modeling the latest fashions.  The first came all the way from Thailand.  Shorts are so hot right now!


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