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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

9 Months and Counting

On Friday, April 29th I had my 9 month check up.  I went in fully expecting the usual.  Weight check (16lbs 12oz), height check (26.5 in), listen to the heart, shots.  Well lucky me...NO 9 MONTH SHOTS!  Sweet!  Doc said I was doing well and she had a feeling I was going to be a fast walker.  Mom and dad were all but excited to hear that.  So the Doc did point out a couple things.  1) I went from 50th percentile to 25th (see my growth chart) so instead of giving me water with meals they're going to give me formula in my sippy cup and 2) apparently I have an ear infection.  Great parents I have, although I didn't really make a big deal of it so I guess how were they to know.  Anyway, I'm on amoxicillin (yes the pink bubble gum tasting stuff) and taking it fine.  While we waited, I put my Asian heritage to use by mastering the abacus.  After my appointment I went back to school and mom and dad enjoyed the afternoon out.

The weekend was pretty great.  Friday night dad and Uncle Dave came over to have dinner and we went for a nice stroll.  Saturday, April 30 (my real bday) Gma Jeanne, Max, and Gpa BobBob all came over to walk down to the art fair.  We even ran into Evan Ungles.  I loved the crowds and all the pretty art work!




Saturday evening we headed to Emmerson Schatz' bday party.  She turned 1 year old!!  I've already requested balloons for my party because they were awesome.

On Sunday I headed out to BobBob's again and got to see Aunt Brandi as well.  Busy me...another party...this time for baby-to-be Paige Duncan.  Aunt Brandi looks like she's about to pop any day now.  I can't wait to meet my new cousin!

Since I'm on the amox, I think it's not quite settling well with my stomach.  I spit up quite a bit at school on Monday so they sent me home early and said I had to stay home Tuesday too in case it was some bug and not just the meds.  Mom stayed home with me all day.  Since I was feeling pretty good, we went to the coffee shop and played outside.

Definitely a house divided!  Don't tell dad, but I'm a Wildcat at heart :-)  

 PS.  I now sit up to greet mom and dad when they come in to get me!


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