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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mobile Maddie

Tuesday, April 26th was a great day!  Dad picked me up early to go meet up with Mom, Deb, and Jeff for lunch.  I hadn't seen them since I was 3.5 months old.  Here I am admiring Deb's pretty necklace (hint hint dad).

After lunch, I got to see Gma's Duncan's friends who are visiting from Thailand for a month! Pa Ead, Na Peng, and Na Pairat are here and they showered me with gifts, clothes, and attention.  Na Honey didn't make the trip over, but even she sent me lots of new clothes!  In return I marveled them with my cuteness.  It's hard enough to understand mom and dad, but now I understand why Uncle Triche calls it Ching Chong Land (no offense Gma an other Thai relatives).  Gma and crew are road tripping it down to Florida for a couple weeks, so I won't get to see them again until they get back.  I promise to snap a lot more pics of them when I see them next!

On Wed, I got a visit from dad over lunch (he's been dropping by a lot since mom doesn't work as close by anymore).  He feeds me lunch and makes me laugh.  He officially witnessed me crawling 4 steps forward while there.  Avery's mom already warned my mom that she's going to start being a LOT busier now :-)

Since I'm almost crawling, mom, dad, and I spend some time in the basement each night now playing around on the floor.  I'm really digging it!

Thanks to my Aunt Jen, Uncle Chris, Audrey and Ingrid for this super sweet chair with my name on it!

Thursday was dinner with Dido and tomorrow I'm having dinner with BobBob.  2 grandpas, 2 feasts, 2 exciting!


Here I am with an old favorite toy:

I'm also learning that behind cabinet doors are some pretty fun things!

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my good friend Jackson at daycare.  Today was his last day at school because he's moving a new house.  I'll miss him a lot but hope to see him once a month at our Sunday Get Togethers.


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