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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fools

Friday, April 1st was a beautiful day.  After school the family headed over for a lap around the park. I even went for my first swing ride.  Amelia must have had the same idea, becuase I saw her picks on the swing as well.

Saturday night, mom and dad had tickets to go see Cabaret so BobBob and Ta dropped by to watch me for the evening.  I wasn't quite my usual self, but I definitely enjoyed the walk they took me on.  Still trying to get over this crappy cold/cough and I was running a fever.  On Sunday night dad and I went to see Grandpa Dido.  He made us some ribs and slaw while mom stayed home for some R&R.

I went to bed early on Sunday and woke up late on Monday, two great combinations.  I was so tired I even fell back asleep on the way to school. Then Mimi dropped by around lunch and picked me early!  She brought me home and we hung out the whole afternoon.  She filled me in on her trip up to DC to see cousins Audrey and Ingrid.

Tuesday morning I woke up bright and early even though it wasn't bright out yet.  6am.  What the hey?  After getting up and getting dressed, mom walked me over to the church on the corner so we could vote on the Earnings Tax issue.  Then she dropped me at school even though she was taking the whole day off.  Another what the hey?  She promised to come get me as soon as she was done with yard work though.  We're headed to Gma and Gpa Duncan's house for some outside time, stroller rides, and to watch the dogs go for a swim!
Ballot Cast

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this beautiful weather we're having!!!

If you look close you can see my tooth

I know how to use a fork!


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