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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tourney Time

So we're wrapping up March Madness and apparently mom is guaranteed second place in her basketball pool due to the crazy upsets that happened on Sunday.  Congrats mom and I'm expecting you to spend your winnings on me.  As the saying goes, baby needs a new pair of shoes!

On Saturday we were supposed to head out to see the Nass' new pad, but since Mom and I both have a cold, we stayed in.  Boo.

Sunday was another trip out to see Gma and Gpa Duncan.  Pierce pushed me around the house in the stroller which kept me very entertained.  Notice the big bruise on his head where he collided with a schoolmate.  Before dinner, I proceeded to spit up all over Aunt Brandi (just preparing her for her new arrival) and the big event of the night was mom trying to feed me some of Gma's sweet potatoes off the table and burning my mouth.  Oh yeah...I wailed.  After some ice water I was back on track and eating my Apples and Cherries.

On Monday I was still feeling a bit crappy and woke up at 5:15am with a hacking cough.  Mom soothed me and put me back to bed.  As a surprise, she and dad stopped by daycare again to cheer me up.  It definitely helps.  School has this awesome little buggy that I can sit on all by myself. 

That evening, Parents as Teachers dropped by to do my evaluation again.  Mrs. Woodman made me dump tennis balls out of a cannister.  Seems easy, but you'd be surprised.  They said some things I should start working on is pushing buttons, pointing to pictures when mom says words, and drinking water from a cup with no lid.  Scary! 


On Tuesday dad came and picked me up for lunch.  How fun!  We went to the Classic Cookie and I got a basket of mini muffins and cookies that were my sized :-)

Dido and Donna came over to watch me on Tuesday night so mom and dad could go to their homeowners annual meeting.  Mom got re-elected as the official party planner (more formally known as Director of Special Events) while Dido gave me piggy back rides and Donna tickled me silly.

Here I am mid-yawn in my jammies.  You'd think I was going to bed, but no...I'm up and getting ready to go to school.  I vote for jammie day everday!!!

BTW - Avery Davenport turns 2 on Friday!  Happy Early shout out to her and I hope she gets a ton of great gifts.  And I don't mean clothes.

P.S. I've figured out I have to share my toys with Sammie :-(  Trust me, it's not by choice.


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