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Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patty

Monday night Gpa Ludlow dropped by.  He brought me pizza and kisses.  I tried to sneak a sip of his Miller Lite, but mom said absolutely not....yet.  Notice the naughty smirk on my face.

Wednesday I didn't nap great at school in the afternoon and I was wired when I got home so didn't nap at 5pm either.  Cause and Effect.  By dinnertime (which was slightly earlier than normal) I was falling asleep between bites of food:

Friday was great day here in the midwest.  Mom came to visit me over lunch since she knew Miss Michelle was going to let me play with green Jello in preparation for St. Patty's Day.


It's finally starting to feel like spring, so mom got the stroller out and took me over to Loose Park.  We did a couple laps in the Bob and I loved staring at the doggies and joggers. 

Saturday, March 12th was the Brookside St. Patty's Day parade.  I figured that it was named after mom, but dad set me straight.  The real parade isn't until Thursday 3/17, but this is a warm-up.  Almost all of my friends made it over (Evan, Avery, Jackson, Emmerson, Wil, Mason, etc) for the parade and festivities.  It was a gorgeous day and I think all us kids had a good time watching the fun!

What a fabulous green dress Avery has.  I was definitely "green" with envy.

Here I am trying to get another swig of beer, but mom intervened just in time.  Doh.  Aunty Nicole even stuck around to feed me dinner.

Last but not least, here's some footage of me in my Jenny "Swing Me Around":


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