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Sunday, March 20, 2011


First of all, how fun is this pic?  Dad's friend sent it to him from NYC.  How fun would it be if I actually lived on Ludlow St!

On Sunday, March 13th, mom and dad got a feel that my first tooth was starting to come in!  Mom is trying to get a good pic of it, but it's just a "nubbin" still.  I'd prefer to wait until it's full grown to show it off.

BobBob swung by around 2pm to pick me up to take me out to see Ta!  I left mom and dad at home to do yard work.  I hardly missed them while I was showered with gifts, love, and best of all, carted around in Cousin Pierce's old stroller.  Mom and dad finally showed up around 4pm and stayed for dinner before hauling me home for the night.

Duck Shoes Rock!

Something smells fishy here...
On Wednesday I headed up to Mimi and Max's house for some pre-St Patrick's day goodies.  We had corned beef and cabbage as Mimi informed me this was the traditional Irish fare.  Before lunch they let me wear my investigator disguise glasses.

Thursday was an exceptionally beautiful day in KC.  Temperature reached to the high 70's (that's about 25 celsius for my BKK fans) and mom took me on a 30 minute stroller jog.

On Friday I saw Miss Lindsey twice!  Once at school and then she surprised me for a visit that evening too so mom and dad could go see a movie.

On Saturday my second cousin Megan dropped in from Boulder.  Uncle Stan and Aunt Jo met her in KC (from Illinois) to pick up her dog while she's out of town for a bit.  Grandma Jeanne came too and watched me all night so mom and dad could go out again.  The nerve!  They went to a KC Rep show.

Last but not least, I'm starting to get my teeth!  My bottom right incisor is peeping through and I can't wait!  This means I'll be eating donuts and fried chicken before you know it!  Mom tried to snap some pics, but I don't really want to show it off yet. I win!

Mom played dress up with me:




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