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Friday, March 4, 2011

Stomach Flu Strikes Again

Saturday evening I visited Dido and Donna and wore my special St. Pat's Day shirt.  I'm trying to get as much use out of it as I can pre-March 17th. 

For those who need glasses:
Irish You Would Kiss Me!

Found my finger!

On Sunday I went out to see Gma and Gpa Duncan.  My special treat was going to target and getting to sit up in the cart!  Avery loaned me this cool shopping cart cover to keep me snug in the cart.  I had fun looking at everything and touching the stuff mom put in the cart with me. 



Monday was a sad day...dad had to head to Chicago again for some project work and won't be back until late Wednesday.  On the bright side, the Gparents came by on Tuesday to cheer me up.  Gma brought food and love (as usual)!  It was nice enough again to go outside for a walk with the doggies.

Matching outfits!

Monday was also my 7 month birthday.  I'm a little confused and it sort of just sprung up on me because I was born July 30 but the birthday was on Feb 28...how does that work?

Spoiler Alert! If you have a weak stomach, skip this next paragraph:
Wednesday I was a little off.  I had 2 poops and proceeded to spit up all over myself.  I had a 5pm meal of milk (and no cookies) and then refused to eat my food and have my before bed time milk.  I woke at 1am starving and to top it all off, I pooped myself again.  Then I woke up at 5am with guess what...ANOTHER poop in my pants!  What is going on? 

Apparently I have come down with the stomach flu, cause this trend continued on through Thursday.  I started running a fever and mom picked me up from school around 11am.  I spent the day napping and sipping water.  By evening I was definitely feeling better. 
Thursday night mom and dad had Mrs. Lindsey (day care teacher previously referenced here) come and watch me again so they could get party the night away at the boats, even though I was sick at home.  I was "game" for that as long as they didn't squander away my Justin Bieber concert money college fund.  We had a good time chillaxing and she told mom and dad I was well behaved. 

Porter "chillaxin" too

Friday I stayed home from school again and took it easy, but I'm already feeling much better. 

Oh, and I love my Jenny Jumper!!

Hiccups last forever!!!


Keto Guru on March 12, 2011 at 6:11 PM said...

My daughter sucks on her fingers the same way! We can it the ROCKSTAR! Lol

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