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Monday, April 11, 2011

Special Delivery

So I don't really feel like I've done a lot since my Tuesday post, but apparently I've taken 1001 pictures.

First of all, look what the mail man dropped off!  Me :-)

On Friday mom and dad picked up the sweet new toy for me to play with!  Here I am taking it for a spin.

Since it was gorgeous outside, we decided to do dinner on the deck.  Here I am chowing down on an orange slice.  Sweet...one tooth means I don't have to floss yet.

On Saturday I went and visited my friend Amelia.  She let me share her toys and we did a lot of catching up since it's been awhile since we've seen each other.

Sunday, April 10th was a busy day!  I had breakfast with the all of dad's friends and their kids at 8am sharp.  We took the restaurant by storm.  After that I helped do some yard work.  Mom and dad are having me observe closely as they expect me to be pushing the mower by age 5.  In the afternoon we dropped by mom's new office since she's working in a new building as of Monday.  I even gave her chair a spin.  The we went out to Bobob and Ta's.  I went for a ride on Pierce's 4 wheeler.  It was the perfect size for dad and me!

"Helping" with yard work


Apparently Porter and Sam thought it was a pretty long day too!


Katrina on April 12, 2011 at 3:09 PM said...

Maddie, your hair looks so light in your delivery box! Have you been using Sun-In?

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