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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Happy Easter! 

I hope the Easter bunny left you some goodies like I got. 


It has been a busy week for me and I'll try and recap quickly.  I'm near crawling, I can go from my tummy to sitting up, I drink from my sippy cup myself, and I've mastered the piano. 

The biggest news of the week.  Uncle Dave is home from Djibouti as of Friday!  Now I know what you're thinking, that can't be a real place, but trust me, it is, and he's been there, honest (most comma's I've ever used in one sentence).  Anyway, mom and dad had brunch with him and his family on Saturday morning and it was great to get to meet him for the first time.  I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot more of him over the next couple months.

The night before, Friday, April 22nd I went to visit Mimi.  I actually stayed the night up there!  It was the first time I've been away from mom and dad since their trip to Aruba.  The only time I cried was right when dad was leaving.  Otherwise, I hardly thought about them at all.  Mimi even bathed me in the sink.  It might not look like I was having fun, but I splashed and loved every second of it.

On Sunday, we went up to see Mimi and Max for Easter lunch.  I got up extra early today and as you can see from the pics, I'm a little worn out.  Dad came to wake me up from my afternoon nap and I hardly budged.

 I played with my cousins Josh and Sam.  Here I am also making sure they floss regularly.

And then I'm checking out this cool new book I got.  The tiger has real wiskers I can touch!!!  It's sad that they had to kill a tiger to get his wiskers in the book, but hey, more fun for me.

Some random tidbits for you.  Hummas is my new favorite food, especially when served on pita chips.
Do I have something on my face?

And saving the best for last, look what Grandpa BobBob made for me.  That's right, MADE for me!  He cross stiched this.  Apparently it only took him almost 9 months (officially on Saturday, April 30 but who's counting).  Better late than never right?

Here I am almost crawling!


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