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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aruba, Jamaica...

So the part of the beach boys song..."ooh I wanna take ya" apparently fell upon deaf ears, because mom and dad decided to leave me at home. 

Luckily I got to stay with Grandma Mimi (and not at some orphanage) the whole time they were gone which was like a vacation for me anyway.  We had a great time and Mimi loves to brag about how good of a sleeper and eater I am and how much fun it is to take care of me.  If I ever run away from home I'm headed up to Liberty to stay with her.  I got up there Saturday night 12/4 and woke up Sunday morning with mom and dad having slipped away in the wee hours of the morning.  It almost broke my heart that they didn't even say goodbye to me, until Mimi broke out the toys and songs and life was good again.  Since my routine was pretty much down (eat, play, sleep, eat, play sleep) I don't have much to post.  I'll put some pics up of me with Mimi/Max as soon as I get my hands on her camera. 

Aruba Flooded
So here's what mom and pop did while they were gone.  They arrived in Aruba on Sunday to a foot of water flooding the roads.  Good thing they rented a Jeep Wrangler to trek around in.  As their luck would have it, the weather cleared the very next day and the roads dried up. 

They stayed at the Marriott where all the big hotels are.  They were originally going to stay down near the port where all the cruise ships come in, but quickly vetoed that due to the sketchiness of the area.  As you can see by the pic of the hotel pool and beach below, they made a wise decision. 

Their days were spent lounging by the pool, sleeping in, and reading.  I'm pretty sure I overheard dad say he hit the hotel casino a few times too.

They went Scuba diving on Tuesday and saw an old shipwreck, then went on a Snorkel trip on Wednesday and met some fun people from Omaha.  Dad even tried his hand at the rope swing a few times.  Video footage below. 

Thursday (dad's bday) was spent dirivng around the island (it's only 16 miles long) and visiting some really nice beaches.  That night they had dinner at a restaurant called the Flying Fishbone thanks to recommendations from Aunt Jen and Avery's Aunt Darcy.  The food was good and the best part, dinner was right on the beach!  Literally tables were in the water.

They even went to a movie while they were there.  All in all, they had a great time (yes, even though I wasn't there) and got in some R and R. 

Flying Fishbone


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